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Maths is always daunting, there’s no way around it. But thanks to our collection of maths calculators, everyone can perform and understand useful mathematical calculations in seconds. Are you scared of trigonometry? Do you think geometry is “too complicated”? Fear not! Omni Calculator has your back, with a comprehensive array of calculators designed so that people with any level of mathematical knowledge can solve complex problems effortlessly. We have all sorts of triangle calculators, polygon calculators, perimeter, area, volume, trigonometric functions, algebra, percentages… You name it, we have it! In addition to the top-notch mathematical calculators, we include accurate yet straightforward descriptions of mathematical concepts to shine some light on the complex problems you never seemed to understand

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Absolute Change CalculatorAbsolute Value CalculatorAddition CalculatorAssociative Property CalculatorAverage CalculatorCeiling Function CalculatorChinese Remainder Theorem CalculatorConsecutive Integers CalculatorCross Multiplication CalculatorCube Root CalculatorDecimal CalculatorDigital Root CalculatorDistributive Property CalculatorDivisibility Test CalculatorEgyptian Fractions CalculatorExpanded Form CalculatorFactor CalculatorFactorial CalculatorFloor Function CalculatorFundamental Counting Principle CalculatorGCF Calculator - Greatest Common FactorGCF and LCM CalculatorGeometric Mean CalculatorHarmonic Mean CalculatorInteger CalculatorInverse Modulo CalculatorLCM Calculator - Least Common MultipleLong Addition CalculatorLong Division CalculatorLong Multiplication CalculatorLong Subtraction CalculatorMagic Square CalculatorMean CalculatorModulo CalculatorMultiplication CalculatorMultiplicative Inverse CalculatorOrder of Magnitude CalculatorPartial Products CalculatorPerfect Cube CalculatorPerfect Square CalculatorPi Experiments CalculatorPolish Notation ConverterPower Mod CalculatorPrime Factorization CalculatorPrime Number CalculatorQuotient CalculatorRadical CalculatorRationalize Denominator CalculatorReciprocal CalculatorRemainder CalculatorRoot CalculatorRoot Mean Square CalculatorRounding Numbers CalculatorRound to the Nearest Thousand CalculatorScientific Notation CalculatorSignificant Figures Calculator - Sig FigSimplifying Radicals CalculatorSquare Root CalculatorStandard Form CalculatorSubtraction CalculatorDigit Sum CalculatorTriangular Numbers CalculatorWeighted Average Calculator

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2D Distance Calculator3 Sides Triangle Area CalculatorAAA Triangle CalculatorAAS Triangle CalculatorABC Triangle CalculatorAcute Triangle CalculatorAngle of Right Triangle CalculatorArcus Tangent CalculatorArea of a Regular Polygon CalculatorArea of a Sphere CalculatorArea of a Square CalculatorArea of a Trapezoid CalculatorArea of an Oblique Triangle CalculatorArea of an Obtuse Triangle CalculatorArea of Quadrilateral CalculatorArea of a Triangle SAS CalculatorArea of Triangle with Coordinates CalculatorASA Triangle CalculatorBase of a Triangle CalculatorCenter of a Circle CalculatorCenter of Ellipse CalculatorCentroid of a Triangle CalculatorCheck Similarity in Right Triangles CalculatorCircle Formula CalculatorCircle Length CalculatorCircle Measurements CalculatorCircle Perimeter CalculatorCircumcenter CalculatorCircumference and Area of a Circle CalculatorCircumference of a Cylinder CalculatorCircumference to Diameter CalculatorCompleting the Square Practice Math Problems and ExamplesDoes completing the square always work for quadratic equations?Cone Volume CalculatorCoordinate Distance CalculatorCos-1 CalculatorCosine Triangle CalculatorCos Inverse CalculatorCubic Feet of a Cylinder CalculatorCubic Inches of a Cylinder CalculatorCubic Yards In A Cylinder CalculatorCuboid CalculatorCuboid Surface Area CalculatorCuboid Volume CalculatorCylinder Volume CalculatorCylinder Volume Gallons CalculatorDecagon Area CalculatorDecimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds ConverterDegrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees ConverterDiagonal of a Rectangle CalculatorDiagonal of a Square CalculatorDiameter of a Circle CalculatorDiameter of a Cone CalculatorDiameter of a Cylinder CalculatorDimensions of a Rectangle CalculatorDistance Between Two Points CalculatorDodecagon Area CalculatorEllipse Area CalculatorEllipse Circumference CalculatorEllipse Perimeter CalculatorEllipse Standard Form CalculatorEquation of a Circle with Diameter Endpoints CalculatorEquilateral Triangle Area CalculatorEquivalent Ratio CalculatorEuclidean Distance CalculatorExact Value of Trig Functions CalculatorExterior Angles of a Triangle CalculatorFoci of an Ellipse CalculatorArea of a Frustum of a Cone CalculatorGeneral Form of the Equation of a Circle CalculatorGeneral to Standard Form of a Circle CalculatorHeight of a Cone CalculatorHeight of a Cylinder CalculatorHeight of a Square Pyramid CalculatorHeptagon CalculatorHeptagon Area CalculatorHexagonal Pyramid CalculatorHexagonal Pyramid Surface Area CalculatorHollow Cylinder Volume CalculatorIntegration by completing the square and substitutionInterior and Exterior Triangle Angles CalculatorInverse Sine CalculatorInverse Tangent CalculatorIrregular Trapezoid Area CalculatorIs it a Right Triangle CalculatorIs Modulo Multiplication and Addition Associative, Distributive, and Commutative?Isosceles Right Triangle CalculatorIsosceles Right Triangle Hypotenuse CalculatorIsosceles Trapezoid CalculatorIsosceles Trapezoid Area CalculatorIsosceles Triangle Angles CalculatorIsosceles Triangle Area CalculatorIsosceles Triangle Find A CalculatorIsosceles Triangle Height CalculatorIsosceles Triangle Side CalculatorKite Area CalculatorLateral Area of a Cone CalculatorLateral Surface of a Cylinder CalculatorLength and Width of Rectangle Given Area CalculatorLength and Width of a Rectangle given Perimeter CalculatorLength of a Line Segment CalculatorLength Of A Rectangle CalculatorMidsegment of a Trapezoid CalculatorMidsegment of a Triangle CalculatorMissing Side of a Right Triangle CalculatorModulo in the Order of OperationsModulo Operations with Negative NumbersOblique Triangle CalculatorObtuse Triangle CalculatorParallelogram Area CalculatorParallelogram Perimeter CalculatorPerimeter of a Polygon CalculatorPerimeter of a Quadrilateral CalculatorPerimeter of a Rectangle CalculatorPerimeter of a Rectangle with Given Area CalculatorPerimeter of a Right Triangle CalculatorPerimeter of a Sector CalculatorPerimeter of a Square CalculatorPerimeter of a Triangle with Fractions CalculatorPerimeter of a Triangle With Vertices CalculatorPermutation and Combination CalculatorPolar to Cartesian Coordinates CalculatorPolar to Rectangular Coordinates CalculatorPolygon Angle CalculatorPower Function CalculatorPower of 10 CalculatorPower of 2 CalculatorPythagoras Triangle CalculatorQuarter Circle CalculatorQuarter Circle Area CalculatorQuarter Circle Perimeter CalculatorRadius of a Circle CalculatorRadius of a Cone CalculatorRadius of a Cylinder CalculatorRadius of a Sphere CalculatorRatio of 2 Numbers CalculatorRatio of 3 Numbers CalculatorRectangle Diagonal Angle CalculatorRectangle Scale Factor CalculatorRectangular Pyramid Volume CalculatorRectangular to Polar Coordinates CalculatorRhombus Area CalculatorRight Square Pyramid Calc: find A, A_l, V, A_FRight Trapezoid CalculatorRight Trapezoid Area CalculatorRight Triangle Trigonometry CalculatorRound to the Nearest Cent CalculatorRound to the Nearest Dollar CalculatorRound to the Nearest Hundred CalculatorRound to the Nearest Hundredth CalculatorRound to the Nearest Integer CalculatorRound to the Nearest Penny CalculatorRound to the Nearest Ten CalculatorRound to the Nearest Tenth CalculatorRound to the Nearest Thousandth CalculatorSAS Triangle CalculatorScalene Triangle CalculatorScalene Triangle Area CalculatorSimilar Right Triangles CalculatorSimplify Ratio CalculatorSin-1 CalculatorSin Degrees CalculatorSine Function CalculatorSin Theta CalculatorSine Triangle CalculatorSlant Height of a Cone CalculatorSolve Similar Triangles CalculatorSolving Quadratic Equations by Completing the SquareSphere Volume CalculatorSquare feet of a Rectangle CalculatorSquare Feet of a Triangle CalculatorSquare Footage of a Circle CalculatorSquare Inches of a Circle CalculatorSquare Pyramid CalculatorSquare Pyramid Volume CalculatorSSA Triangle CalculatorSSS Triangle CalculatorStandard Equation of a Circle CalculatorStandard Form to General Form of a Circle CalculatorSurface Area of a Cone CalculatorSurface Area of a Cube CalculatorSurface Area of a Cylinder CalculatorSurface Area of a Rectangle CalculatorSurface Area of a Rectangular Prism CalculatorSurface Area of a Rectangular Pyramid CalculatorSurface Area of a Square Pyramid CalculatorTan-1 CalculatorTangent Ratio CalculatorTan Inverse CalculatorTrapezoid Angle CalculatorTrapezoid Height CalculatorTrapezoid Perimeter CalculatorTrapezoid Side CalculatorTriangle Congruence CalculatorTriangle Degree CalculatorTriangle Length CalculatorTriangle Proportionality Theorem CalculatorTriangle Ratio CalculatorTriangle Scale Factor CalculatorTriangle Side CalculatorTriangle Side Angle CalculatorTriangle Similarity CalculatorTriangle Slope CalculatorTriangle Sum Theorem CalculatorTriangle Vertices CalculatorTriangular Pyramid Volume CalculatorTruncated Cone CalculatorTruncated Cone Volume CalculatorModulo Operator: Practical Uses in ArithmeticsVolume of a Hexagonal Pyramid CalculatorVolume of a Cube CalculatorVolume of a Rectangular Prism CalculatorVolume of a Triangular Prism CalculatorWidth of a Rectangle Calculator
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