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What are the chances of winning the lottery? What is the risk of doing this? How many times do I have to roll a dice to get the number I want? All these questions are statistics problems. We provide simple statistics calculators to help you make better decisions and solve problems faster. From Poisson distribution through risk calculators and permutation calculators all the way to binomial distribution, you will always find a useful calculator amongst our collection. So help us help you solve statistics problems, and you will learn something new and valuable. Who knows? Maybe you will learn how to convince your friends to bet for almost impossible things (that only you know are almost impossible ;))

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Critical Value Calculator

The critical value calculator helps you find the one- and two-tailed critical values for the most widespread statistical tests.

p-value Calculator

The p-value calculator can help you find the p-value and evaluate how compatible your data is with the null hypothesis.

Confidence Interval Calculator

The confidence interval calculator finds the confidence level for your data sample.

Probability Calculator

Use the probability calculator to find the likelihood of various interactions between two distinct events.

t-test Calculator

t-test calculator performs all kinds of t-tests: one-sample, two-sample, and paired.

Dice Probability Calculator

With this dice probability calculator, you can easily find the various probabilities related to rolling a set of dice.

Z-score Calculator

The z-score calculator can help you determine the standard score for a data point.

Empirical Rule Calculator

The empirical rule calculator allows you to find the three intervals within which you'll find 68, 95, and 99.7% of your data.

Combination Calculator

Use the combinations calculator to determine the number of combinations for a set.

Coin Flip Probability Calculator

Coin flip probability calculator lets you calculate the likelihood of obtaining a set number of heads when flipping a coin multiple times.

Odds Calculator

Use the odds calculator to convert odds to a probability of winning or losing.

Degrees of Freedom Calculator

The degrees of freedom calculator finds the number of independent values in a data sample.

Binomial Distribution Calculator

Use the binomial distribution calculator to calculate the probability of a certain number of successes in a sequence of experiments.

Z-test Calculator

Our Z-test calculator is here to help you learn about, and perform, a one-sample Z-test.

Point Estimate Calculator

Point estimate calculator computes the "best guess" of an unknown population parameter.