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Created by Joanna Śmietańska, PhD
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

With our ultra-fast greatest-to-least calculator, you will sort a set of numbers in descending order. All you need is to enter the values you want to order from greatest to least, and you will get them in descending order. Moreover, this tool can easily order both fractions and decimals from greatest to least.

Keep reading to learn more about what descending order is and how the number-in-order generator works!

What is descending order?

When you order numbers from greatest to least, it means they are in descending order – their values decrease from left to right, the highest value being at the beginning and the lowest at the end. For example, let's look at numbers 4, 10, 2, and 12. You can see that 12 is the greatest; the second in order is 10, then 4 and 2. So, if you sort by number in descending order you will get 12, 10, 4, 2.

Of course, you can do it as above manually, but it may cost you time, so our greatest to least calculator will do it for you in a flash.

Ordering the decimals from greatest to least

Ordering of decimals from greatest to least is simple: just compare the digits that appear in the numbers one by one, starting from the left side. To see it, analyze decimals 17.261, 17.232, and 17.265. Let's start from the left: the first three numbers are the same. Stop at the fourth digit, where 3 is the smallest, so we found the least number. Let's move to the fifth number, it's 1 and 5, but 5 is larger, so these numbers in descending order will be 17.265, 17.261, and 17.232.

How to order fractions from greatest to least?

To sort fractions, type values into the greatest-to-least calculator or see how it works in this example:

  1. Consider fractions of 1/4, 4/7, and 2/5.
  2. Convert to decimals and compare them in a way described in the previous section. 1/4, 4/7, and 2/5 are 0.25, 0.571, and 0.4, respectively.
  3. Write them in descending order as 4/7, 2/5, and 1/4.

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Is descending order least to greatest?

No, descending order means to sort numbers from greatest to least. If you arrange your data in reverse order, from least to greatest, it is called ascending order.

How can I write 12, 61, 44, 66, 13 in descending order?

Say you have the numbers 12, 61, 44, 66, and 13. Start with the largest number on the left and end with the smallest one on the right. In this example, 66 is the largest, and 12 is the smallest, so sorting them in descending order would look like this: 66, 61, 44, 13, 12.

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