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Food - naturally, the most essential (as well as controversial) part of our life. In this section, you can find calculators for food lovers, party organizers or calorie counting addicts, what perfectly reflects the complexity of feelings we have for the subject. Does the last bite of your favorite pizza make you think you’ve ordered it a tad too small? Check our pizza party or pizza comparison calculator never to make this mistake again. Are you dreaming about eating a real French crepe? Take a look at the pancake recipe calculator. And if you’re a coffee freak, stop by the coffee kick calculator to be sure you’ve made the most of your morning cup. If you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, identify the moment you should better stop. And if you plan the Thanksgiving Dinner, estimate the amount of food you need for a start and the level of activity you require at the end to burn all those calories 😉

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Cooking converters 🥄

  • Butter Calculator - How Much is a Stick of Butter?
  • Cake Pan Converter
  • Cooking Measurement Converter
  • Cups to Pounds Converter
  • Dry to Cooked Pasta Converter
  • Garlic Clove to Powder Converter & More
  • Grams to Cups Converter
  • Grams to Tablespoons Converter
  • Grams to Teaspoons Converter
  • ml to Grams Calculator
  • Oil to Butter Conversion
  • Pounds to Cups Converter
  • Uncooked to Cooked Rice Calculator
  • Yeast Converter

Tea and coffee calculators ☕

  • Coffee Calculator
  • Coffee Footprint Calculator
  • Coffee Kick Calculator
  • Coffee Ratio Calculator
  • Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator
  • Cold Brew Ratio Calculator
  • Healthy Coffee Calculator
  • Tea Brewing Calculator

Drinks calculators 🥤

  • ABV Calculator (Alcohol by Volume)
  • Alcohol Dilution Calculator
  • Chilled Drink Calculator
  • SO2 Wine Calculator
  • Priming Sugar Calculator

Desserts and baking calculators 🍰

  • Baker's Percentage Calculator
  • Cake Pricing Calculator
  • Cake Serving Calculator
  • Chocolate Calculator
  • Donut Calculator
  • Perfect Ice Cream Calculator
  • Pancake Recipe Calculator
  • Perfect Pancake Calculator
  • Self-rising Flour Calculator
  • Sourdough Calculator

Pizza calculators 🍕

Thanksgiving calculators 🦃

  • Thanksgiving Calculator
  • Thanksgiving Calories Calculator
  • Turkey Cooking Time Calculator
  • Turkey Defrost Time Calculator
  • Turkey Size Calculator
  • Turkey Thawing Calculator

Party calculators 🍸

  • BBQ Grill Size Calculator
  • BBQ Party Calculator
  • Beer Pong Calculator
  • How Much Ham per Person Calculator
  • Party Drink Calculator
  • Popcorn Calculator
  • Taco Bar Calculator
  • Wedding Alcohol Calculator

Other calculators

  • Bread Spreads Calculator
  • Brine Calculator
  • Egg Boiling Calculator
  • Ham Cooking Time Calculator
  • Ideal Egg Boiling Calculator
  • How Much Mashed Potatoes Per Person Calculator
  • Quarantine Food Calculator - Coronavirus
  • Rice to Water Ratio Calculator
  • Salad Calories Calculator
  • Steak Cook Time Calculator
  • Sulfur Calculator
  • Water Cooling Calculator