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Food - naturally, the most essential (as well as controversial) part of our life. In this section, you can find calculators for food lovers, party organizers or calorie counting addicts, what perfectly reflects the complexity of feelings we have for the subject. Does the last bite of your favorite pizza make you think you’ve ordered it a tad too small? Check our pizza party or pizza comparison calculator never to make this mistake again. Are you dreaming about eating a real French crepe? Take a look at the pancake recipe calculator. And if you’re a coffee freak, stop by the coffee kick calculator to be sure you’ve made the most of your morning cup. If you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, identify the moment you should better stop. And if you plan the Thanksgiving Dinner, estimate the amount of food you need for a start and the level of activity you require at the end to burn all those calories 😉

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Grams to Cups Converter

The grams to cups converter converts between cups and grams. You can choose between 20 different popular kitchen ingredients or directly type in the product density.

ml to Grams Calculator

Effortlessly convert between milliliters (ml) and grams (g) with our ml to Grams Calculator. Simplify your conversions from grams to ml and vice versa.

Oil to Butter Conversion

Oil to butter conversion is a tool you might need if you're up to baking a cake and want to replace the fat in the recipe.

Pizza Comparison Calculator (old version)

Should you buy a larger or two smaller pizzas? Our pizza comparison calculator has the answer!

Chilled Drink Calculator

With the chilled drink calculator, you can quickly check how long you need to keep your drink in the fridge or another cold place to have it at its optimal temperature. You can follow how the temperature changes with time with our interactive graph.

Taco Bar Calculator

Our taco bar calculator will help you plan the biggest party you've ever had.

Cake Pan Converter

Cake pan converter will help you to tailor the baking recipes to your needs.

Ham Cooking Time Calculator

Use this ham cooking time calculator to make sure your ham turns out perfect!

Yeast Converter

The yeast converter helps you convert between 4 different types of yeast, to ensure you have the right balance with your flour, to make the perfect bread!

Grams to Tablespoons Converter

Accurate grams to tbsp conversions for sugar, flour, and more – perfect for hassle-free cooking and baking measurements.

Dry to Cooked Pasta Converter

The dry to cooked pasta converter is a tool for all who love making delicious pasta. Use the amount of dried pasta to find the amount of cooked pasta you will obtain.

Pizza Size Calculator

Make the best pizza choice with our Pizza Size Calculator – compare sizes and prices for the perfect order!

Grams to Teaspoons Converter

The grams to teaspoons (tsp) converter is a handy tool if you want to convert units quickly in your daily cooking.

Alcohol Dilution Calculator

Our alcohol dilution calculator allows you to compute the amount of alcohol needed for homemade wines, beers, tinctures, or any other alcohol solutions.

ABV Calculator (Alcohol by Volume)

The ABV calculator will help you calculate the percentage volume of alcohol in your homebrew based on the specific gravity.