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This cake serving calculator will help you to estimate how much cake you need for your party. Choose the cake shape, number of guests, and we'll suggest how big the cake should be (you can even alter the slice size in advanced mode). Round cake sizes and sheet cake sizes may vary a bit between different confectioners, but in the sections below you'll find some popular dimensions, as well as an exemplary wedding cake serving chart. Also, if you're racking your brain on how many people does a sheet cake feed or you're simply wondering what's the half sheet cake size, we've got you covered - keep scrolling, and you'll find the answer.

How many people does a cake feed?

That's a hard question, as there are as many preferences as there are people. As you can imagine, it depends on many different factors, but we'll list the three most important ones here:

  • Slice size (understood as the area of a slice, looking from above) - do you want the cake to be a little teaser (e.g. one from many desserts during the wedding), is it going to be a birthday cake, or are you going to give out big party slices, after which your guests would refuse to eat anything more? Before ordering, think how you'd like to serve it and how big the slices should be. If you're planning to bake it yourself, our cooking measurement converter may be of interest to you.

  • Cake type - as you can imagine, cake type may determine the size of a slice as well. Usually, the serving portion varies a lot with preferences, but flat brownies, wedding cakes, sponge cakes or meringues can all be cut differently. You may want smaller serving sizes if the cake is really sweet or has loads of custard, while a larger portions may be more appropriate for light fruit cakes.

cake slices for different cake types
  • Cake height - if your cake is rather flat - for example a tart or a brownie - we guess that your serving size will be bigger than that for a 4" high wedding cake, right?

Wedding cake serving charts

Generally, there's only one dimension you need to know to order the cake - for round cake sizes, the number specified in inches is the cakes diameter; for square cakes - it's simply the square side. Have a look at this wedding cake serving chart - assuming that you're choosing a serving size of 2 in² times cake height, each cake can feed the following number of people:

Wedding cake serving chart

Of course, if you prefer smaller slices, you can feed more guests, and for greater sizes - less. Remember it's an estimation only, as it's not possible to cut the cake into slices of the exact same size (within a normal amount of time and without a ruler).

Bearing in mind the rules from the paragraph above, we can try to assess the size of a cake needed for a wedding. Not a huge one, though - let's say it's a wedding for 100-110 people. So let's try to use this cake serving calculator!

  1. Enter the number of guests. Let's start with 100 guests.

  2. Choose the cake shape. Suppose you prefer a traditional round cake.

  3. Here we go! The tool suggested the size of the cake needed, depending on the slice size. For small slices of 2 in², we need to buy a 16" cake (~41 cm). Round cake size - in inches or centimeters - is of course the diameter of a round cake.

Let's play with the tool even more!

  1. Assume that you want to have some margin, so enter 110 guests this time. The cake serving calculator now suggests a tier cake instead: 11" and 13" in diameter.
  2. Also, by hitting the Advanced mode button, you can even choose the slice size or the difference in inches between two tiers. Awesome!

In our cake serving calculator, the best results will be obtained for smaller numbers of guests. For huge parties, we can suggest the size of two layers tier-cake, with top layer diameter shorter by 2-3 inches from the bottom layer. Consult you confectioner and check their cake size selection.

Are you planning a wedding? We'd strongly recommend having a look at our wedding alcohol calculator. Also, check out handy ring size calculator when hunting for the wedding or engagement ring for your partner.

Sheet cake sizes - how many people does a sheet cake feed?

Let's start from the beginning: what's the size of a sheet cake? Well, there are two commonly used sizes:

  • 26 in x 18 in x 2 in height, or
  • 24 in x 18 in x 2 in height
full sheet cake

So if we're talking about half sheet cake sizes, the dimensions are:

  • 18 in x 13 in x 2 in height, or
  • 18 in x 12 in x 2 in height
half sheet cake

Coming to the quarter sheets, we'll easily find out their sizes by dividing the length by 2:

  • 13 in x 9 in x 2 in height, or
  • 12 in x 9 in x 2 in height
quarter sheet cake

Of course, as the name suggests, the full sheet is equivalent to two halves and four quarters:

sheet cake size conversion

How many people does a sheet cake feed? Again, depending on the slice size and cake type and height, you can estimate it by calculating the cake area (which is the area of a rectangle) and dividing that value by the slice area. For example:

  1. Assume you have a full sheet cake, 26 in x 18 in. Then, its area may be calculated as length times width, so 26 in x 18 in = 468 in².

  2. Choose the serving size. For example, we aim at 2 in x 2 in portions, so 4 in².

  3. Divide the area by the serving size- it's 468 / 4 in our case. We calculated that that cake should feed 117 people, great!

Also, you can use our cake serving calculator - we'll give you a prompt that you can buy a quarter, half or full sheet cake, depending on the number of guests and the serving size.

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