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You may think that this category is only for vegans, ecologists or nature lovers, but nothing could be further from the truth. Climate change and environmental degradation are one of the biggest threats of our times, which will affect each and every person. With these simple calculators, we're trying to increase the environmental awareness of the society. Wanna check how much plastic you produce every year or what's the carbon footprint of your recent flight? No problem. How about smog in your city? We'll tell you how many cigarettes you're "smoking" by merely living in an urban area. Little by little does the trick. The ecology calculators are here to encourage you to make your life a little greener! 🌿

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Top ecology calculators

Shannon Diversity Index Calculator

The Shannon diversity index calculator provides a metric for assessing species diversity.

Solar Panel Calculator

Use our solar panel calculator to find your solar power needs and what panel size would meet them.

Wind Turbine Calculator

The wind turbine calculator finds the power output, efficiency, RPM, torque, and revenue of a wind turbine (either HAVT or VAWT).

Hydroelectric Power Calculator

Our hydroelectric power calculator finds the power produced by three different types of turbines: a dam, a "run-of-river" installation, and a tidal power turbine.

Plastic Footprint Calculator

Find out how much plastic you use throughout the year with this plastic footprint calculator. Rethink your habits, reduce your plastic waste, and make your life a little greener.

Car vs. Bike Calculator

Everyone knows biking is fantastic, but only this Car vs. Bike Calculator turns biking hours into trees! 🌳

Meat Footprint Calculator

Check out the impact meat has on the environment and your health.

Fish Mercury Calculator

The fish mercury calculator will tell you how much mercury is in the fish you eat and how much you can safely consume in a week.

Plug-in Hybrid Economy Calculator

What is your real-life plug-in hybrid mileage? The plug-in hybrid economy calculator can answer this question with a little bit of math.

Carrying Capacity Calculator

Discover how to find the carrying capacity of an area using our calculator with the carrying capacity formula. Achieve accurate ecological insights now!