Biology Calculators

This collection is a surprise even for us – it turns out that even in the science of life, there are lots of things to calculate! Here, you can find calculators for gardeners, farmers, pet owners, scientists, and nature enthusiasts! Do you need to know how many plants you need to create an organized and dense flower bed? Or do you want to learn how the inheritance of traits works? Or maybe you own a cow and need to find out when the start of her calving period is? We have calculators to help you with that! Are you a proud pet owner? Learn how to feed your dog according to its size and amount of physical activity. You can even find out what type of cat you are! 🐾🌷

Bio laboratory calculators πŸ”¬

Genetics calculators 🧬

Animal pregnancy calculators 🐎🐐

Dog calculators πŸ•

Cat calculators 🐈

Other animals calculators 🐒

Livestock calculators πŸ„

Gardening and crops calculators 🌼🌾

Trees & Forestry Calculators 🌳

Other calculators

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