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This collection is a surprise even for us – it turns out that even in the science of life, there are lots of things to calculate! Here, you can find calculators for gardeners, farmers, pet owners, scientists, and nature enthusiasts! Do you need to know how many plants you need to create an organized and dense flower bed? Or do you want to learn how the inheritance of traits works? Or maybe you own a cow and need to find out when the start of her calving period is? We have calculators to help you with that! Are you a proud pet owner? Learn how to feed your dog according to its size and amount of physical activity. You can even find out what type of cat you are! 🐾🌷

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Bio laboratory calculators πŸ”¬

  • Annealing Temperature Calculator
  • Generation Time Calculator
  • Cell Dilution Calculator
  • Cell Doubling Time Calculator
  • DNA Concentration Calculator
  • Ligation Calculator
  • Log Reduction Calculator
  • Protein Concentration Calculator

Genetics calculators 🧬

  • Allele Frequency Calculator
  • Dihybrid Cross Calculator - Punnett Square
  • DNA Copy Number Calculator
  • Punnett Square Calculator
  • qPCR Efficiency Calculator
  • Trihybrid Cross Calculator - Punnett Square

Animal pregnancy calculators 🐎🐐

Dog calculators πŸ•

  • Benadryl Dosage Calculator for Dogs
  • Cephalexin For Dogs Dosage Calculator
  • Dog Age Calculator
  • Dog BMI Calculator
  • Dog Nutrition Calculator
  • Dog Chocolate Toxicity Calculator
  • Dog Crate Size Calculator
  • Dog Food Calculator
  • Dog Harness Size Calculator
  • Dog Heat Cycle Calculator
  • Dog Life Expectancy Calculator
  • Metacam Dosage Calculator for Dogs
  • Dog Onion Toxicity Calculator
  • Dog Quality of Life Calculator
  • Dog Raisin Toxicity Calculator
  • Dog Size Calculator
  • Dog Water Intake Calculator
  • Omega-3 For Dogs Calculator
  • Cost of Owning a Dog Calculator
  • Tramadol For Dogs Calculator

Cat calculators 🐈

  • Cat Age Calculator
  • Cat Benadryl Dosage Calculator
  • Cat BMI Calculator
  • Cat Calorie Calculator
  • Cat Chocolate Toxicity Calculator
  • Catculator
  • Cat Quality of Life Calculator
  • Cephalexin For Cats Dosage Calculator
  • Fish Oil Dosage Calculator For Cats
  • How Big Will My Cat Get Calculator 🐱
  • Metacam Dosage Calculator for Cats

Other animals calculators 🐒

  • Bird Age Calculator
  • Crickets Chirping Thermometer
  • Dry Matter Calculator
  • Guinea Pig Years to Human Years Calculator
  • Hamster Age Calculator
  • Horse Weight Calculator
  • Rabbit Cage Size Calculator
  • Rabbit Color Calculator
  • Rat Cage Calculator
  • Turtle Tank Size Calculator

Livestock calculators πŸ„

  • Animal Mortality Rate Calculator
  • Cattle per Acre Calculator
  • Feed Conversion Ratio Calculator
  • Grain Bin Calculator
  • Livestock Fence Cost Calculator

Gardening and crops calculators 🌼🌾

  • Acres Per Hour Calculator
  • Bulb Spacing Calculator
  • COβ‚‚ Grow Room Calculator
  • Compost Calculator
  • Corn Yield Calculator
  • Daily Light Integral Calculator
  • Fertilizer Calculator
  • Grass Seed Calculator
  • Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator
  • Mulch Calculator
  • Plant Population Calculator
  • Plant Spacing Calculator
  • Potting Soil Calculator
  • Sod Calculator
  • Soil Calculator
  • VPD Calculator & Chart (Vapor Pressure Deficit)
  • Vegetable Seed Calculator
  • Vegetable Yield Calculator
  • Water Potential Calculator
  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Calculator

Trees & Forestry Calculators 🌳

  • Basal Area Calculator
  • Tree Leaves Calculator
  • Tree Age Calculator
  • Tree Diameter Calculator
  • Tree Height Calculator
  • Tree Spacing Calculator
  • Tree Value Calculator

Other calculators

  • MLVSS Calculator
  • Pet Sitter Rates Calculator
  • Protein Molecular Weight Calculator
  • Wastewater Calculator