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This collection is a surprise even for us – it turns out that even in the science of life, there are lots of things to calculate! Here, you can find calculators for gardeners, farmers, pet owners, scientists, and nature enthusiasts! Do you need to know how many plants you need to create an organized and dense flower bed? Or do you want to learn how the inheritance of traits works? Or maybe you own a cow and need to find out when the start of her calving period is? We have calculators to help you with that! Are you a proud pet owner? Learn how to feed your dog according to its size and amount of physical activity. You can even find out what type of cat you are! 🐾🌷

Biology Collections

Top biology calculators

Dog Size Calculator

Our dog size calculator allows you to estimate the adult weight of your puppy.

Benadryl Dosage Calculator for Dogs

Our Benadryl dosage calculator for dogs will compute an optimal dose of Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) for your pet.

Cat Age Calculator

If you're curious what is the age of your cat in human years, try this cat age calculator.

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

The dog pregnancy calculator provides you with your dog's due date.

Punnett Square Calculator

The Punnett square calculator allows you to estimate the possibility that certain genes will be inherited, and calculate the genotypic and phenotypic ratio of any trait.

Dihybrid Cross Calculator - Punnett Square

The dihybrid cross Punnett square calculator allows you to calculate the chances that 2 traits will be inherited at once.

Soil Calculator

Trying to estimate the volume and cost of topsoil you need? Try our soil calculator.

Tramadol For Dogs Calculator

Tramadol for dogs calculator is the simplest way to compute the recommended dose of tramadol for your favorite canine friend.

Plant Spacing Calculator

Optimize your garden layout with our garden spacing calculator. Perfect for precise plant spacing. Plan your dream garden effortlessly now!

Dog Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

The dog chocolate toxicity calculator will tell you whether the amount of chocolate your dog ate might be dangerous for it.

Cattle per Acre Calculator

Check this cattle per acre calculator to quickly estimate the total number of cows that can graze on a pasture, depending on its condition and precipitation zone.

Bird Age Calculator

Check out this bird age calculator to convert between avian and human years.

Hamster Age Calculator

Get to know how old is your hamster in human years with this hamster age calculator.

Cat Pregnancy Calculator

The cat pregnancy calculator will compute the due date of your favorite feline.

Allele Frequency Calculator

The allele frequency calculator checks how often a gene occurs in the population, based on the prevalence of the disease it causes, using the Hardy-Weinberg equation.