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Acres Per Hour Calculator

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How to use acres per hour calculatorFormulas behind mowing time calculatorOther useful tools for agriculture and gardening

This acres per hour calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the speed and time needed to finish agricultural work on your plot. If you're a happy owner of a garden, you can also use it as a lawn mowing time calculator.

Keep reading to understand better the formulas behind our tool. Also, you'll find below some recommendations about other calculators that may help in your agricultural or gardening projects.

How to use acres per hour calculator

Whether you are plowing, seeding, or fertilizing the field, or you're trying to calculate lawn mowing time, using this calculator works the same and is very simple.

To calculate how many acres per hour you can cover, you should provide the following information:

  • Your tool's effective width; and
  • Average speed of your machine: be it a mower, plow, combine harvester, or any other agricultural machinery.

To calculate how long it would take to work your field, lawn, or garden, you have to provide the following:

  • Your tool's effective width;
  • Average speed of work; and
  • Area of your plot — in acres, ares, hectares, or any other area unit.

🔎 If you don't know the area of your lawn or plot, you can use our area calculator to calculate it. It covers many different shapes, both regular and irregular ones.

Formulas behind mowing time calculator

The calculator uses two formulas. The first is used to calculate how much area you can work per hour:

aps=tw×ts×(1o)\rm aps = tw \times ts \times \left(1 - o\right)


  • aps\text{aps} — Area per second;
  • tw\text{tw} — Your tool's width (e.g. mower width);
  • ts\text{ts} — Machine speed; and
  • o\text{o} — Overlap.

🙋 Mowing usually uses less than the full effective width of the machine. The acres per hour calculator uses 10% as a default value for overlap. You should change this value to 0 if your activity requires no overlap. Check the "Overlapping area" section at the bottom of the tool to change the default value of overlap.

The second formula calculates how long the whole work would take for a given plot area.

t=aapst = \dfrac{a}{\rm aps}


  • tt — Time needed to complete work;
  • aa — Plot area; and
  • aps\text{aps} — Area per second, calculated with the first formula.

⚠️ Please be aware that the acres per hour calculation results are estimations and may be more or less correct depending on the field shape, the number of obstacles, and the number of turns you must take to complete your work. It will be most accurate for large plots in a rectangular shape.

Other useful tools for agriculture and gardening

There are many other agricultural calculators on our site that can help you calculate yields, the required amount of seed, and much more. Give them a try!

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