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Congratulations, you just found the most random collection of calculators available on the Internet! Are you a hardcore geek? We’ll help you pick a motor for your drone. A travel junkie? Use our calculator to choose the optimal sunscreen SPF for holidays in Bali. A keen photographer? We’ll help you plan out a perfect star time lapse. A jeweler? You can’t go wrong with our diamond weight calculator. We have it all, from gardening to makeup to cargo shipping so long as there’s a formula for it. And if we don’t have it yet (and you think we should), drop us a line - we’ll create a calculator just for you!

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Test Grade Calculator

With this test grade calculator, you'll quickly determine the test percentage score and grade.

Download Time Calculator

This download time calculator will help you determine how long it will take to complete a file download over a given internet download speed. Keep on reading to learn more about file sizes, download speed, and other related topics.

KD Calculator (Kill/Death Ratio)

Master your gaming skills by learning how to calculate the KD ratio with our efficient kill death ratio calculator. Elevate your play now!

Sunbathing Calculator

Do you always remember to put on sunscreen before going outside? Are you sure that you use enough? The Sunbathing Calculator ☀ will tell you when's the time to go back under an umbrella not to suffer from a sunburn!

Aquarium Calculator

Using this aquarium calculator, you can find out how much water your fish tank can hold.

eDPI Calculator

The eDPI, or effective dots per inch, describes the real mouse sensitivity. This eDPI calculator lets you determine the eDPI depending on DPI and sensitivity.

Battery Capacity Calculator

Battery capacity calculator converts between amp-hours and watt-hours.

TV Mounting Height Calculator

Use the TV mount height calculator to find out how high to hang a TV. Additionally, you can estimate the ideal TV height for any tilt angle.

Music Interval Calculator

The music interval calculator determines the interval between two notes.

Minecraft Stack Calculator

The Minecraft stack calculator tells you how many stacks of an item you have with a certain total number of items. It can convert a total into stacks and vice versa.

Flag Calculator | USA

Use the flag calculator to compute the proper proportions for every element of the American flag 🇺🇸

Data Transfer Calculator

Use this data transfer calculator to find out how much time it's going to take to back up your computer to the cloud, and make sure you're getting what you pay for from your internet service provider.

Screen Size Calculator

The screen size calculator finds the physical dimensions such as height, width, and the area of the screen.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Aspect ratio calculator allows you to quickly resize your files to fit in a designated area.

Final Grade Calculator

Find out what you need to score on your final exam and explore efficient study strategies with our user-friendly Final Grade Calculator.