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Recruitment Process Duration Calculator

Created by Krishna Nelaturu
Reviewed by Steven Wooding
Last updated: Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to our recruitment process duration calculator! Here, we aim to help you understand the time it'll take each recruiter to screen, interview, and select the right people to join your team!

Perhaps you're here to estimate your work hours or want to know whether the effort is worth it. Either way, you will leave here with an appreciation for the work recruiters do to boost your workforce!

Although the hiring process technically starts with job postings, we'll skip that and assume you've already received various applications for the job from potential candidates. Now, let's briefly look at an outline of the remaining steps:

  1. Screening.

  2. Interviews.

  3. Offer discussion.

Step 1: Screening

Congrats! Your job posting has successfully attracted tons of applications from various aspirants! Now begins the recruiters' job of sifting through the applications and shortlisting potential candidates.

Depending on the type of job (and other factors), a recruiter may choose to screen candidates using any combination of the following methods:

  1. Skill screening, where you provide a short test or assignment to gauge an applicant's competency.

  2. CV screening, where you review the applicant's CV to determine whether they have the qualifications and experience the job demands.

  3. Phone screening, where you call the aspirant for a short phone call to ask for further information directly.

Apart from these, your company may devise other screening methods that work for you.

Step 2: Interviews

Once you've shortlisted your potential candidates, you can interview them. The focus of interviews is not just to understand and assess the candidates' skills and experience but to see whether they're the perfect fit for your team regarding work culture and values.

Depending on the job, a company may have multiple interviews with each candidate, usually involving different interviewers to gauge other things about them. Nowadays, a minimum of two interviews are common. Anything over four maybe too much.

Step 3: Offer discussion

Now that you've interviewed the candidates, you can narrow your list to a select few individuals who have proven themselves to be the right match. After proper internal discussion and background checks, you are left with one final task — discuss the offer with the candidate(s).

Once you've extended an offer, negotiated a salary, and signed the contracts, the recruiters' job is almost done! What remains is the onboarding process. But we'll limit our discussion here to the offer discussion stage.

How to use this recruitment process duration calculator

This calculator has four main sections:

  1. Screening.

  2. Interview.

  3. Offer discussion.

  4. Total hours per recruiter.

In the first section, screening, you enter various details about the screening stage:

  • Skill screening time per applicant and number of applicants being skill screened;

  • CV screening time per applicant and number of applicants being CV screened;

  • Phone screening time per applicant and number of applicants being phone screened; and

  • If any other screening method has been used, you enter similar details regarding that method.

The calculator will show you the total screening time based on your input. Now, enter the number of recruiters involved in screening to find the hours required of each recruited in the screening stage.

In the interview section, first, select how many rounds of interviews you plan to have. Then:

  1. Enter the number of minutes each round is expected to last and the number of interviewees for each round.

  2. Based on this, the calculator will tell you the total interview time.

  3. Enter the number of interviewers to learn how many hours each recruiter must spend in interviews.

In the offer discussion section, enter the following details:

  • The time it takes to complete the necessary reference checks for a candidate you wish to extend an offer to;

  • The time you will spend discussing the offer with each candidate; and

  • The number of candidates you are offering the job to.

Using this, the calculator will tell you the total time you spend in the offer discussion phase. Enter the number of recruiters engaged in this phase to find the hours needed for each recruiter.

Finally, the time it takes for each recruiter in each phase of the recruitment process is summarised in the total hours per recruiter section.

Krishna Nelaturu
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