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Editorial policies

The mission of Omni Calculator is to provide tools that simplify complex problems and encourage people to use numbers and math in everyday decisions and challenges. Our calculators bring up topics from various levels of expertise and are designed for beginners and experts. Whether you want to solve a math problem, buy or rent a house, or check important numbers regarding health, we will most probably be able to help you.

With a few thousand calculators created so far, we feel it's crucial to share with you the backbone of our company. We prepared the following editorial policies to familiarize you with the practices we focus on and the process we apply to deliver the content you can freely use and rely on.


At Omni Calculator, we prioritize the following core principles to provide you with trustworthy, precise, and accessible information and tools:

  1. Reliable information: We create our content based on the verified sources and knowledge of our experts from each category. We follow it with a detailed peer review by another expert, paying particular attention to the correctness of the calculations and reliability of the information. As the last step, a professional proofreader checks and improves the content. To provide you with accurate information, we keep double-checked high journalistic and scientific standards, use accessible language, and constantly tweak and improve our review process.
  2. Continual monitoring and updating content: We perform regular audits for the content that may change with time, especially in health and finance, to keep it up with the current knowledge and recent news. The "Last updated" date reflects when the latest and most accurate changes have been made, including modifications in calculation algorithms, adding new information, replacing images and sources, and correcting inaccuracies.
  3. Listening to feedback: We have a dedicated team focused on reading and answering user feedback. If necessary, the team asks the author of the content to provide professional help and advice to improve the site. You can submit feedback through the contact page or by rating each individual calculator from 1 to 5 on the heart scale and leaving a short note.

Editorial process

Every calculator and article on our website must independently pass an elaborate process of reviewing and proofreading to ensure they uphold our quality standards and principles. The content has multiple people behind it: expert authors and reviewers from various fields of study and professional proofreaders. The multi-stage process of creating a calculator includes:

  1. Designing a calculator's interface and computation algorithm according to the potential user's needs and preparing tests to ensure the tool works correctly.
  2. Writing an article that describes the main topic of the calculator. The text usually includes the equations used in the algorithm, sources of information, links to related calculators, and answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  3. Reviewing the calculator and article by another person specialized in the topic of the prepared content. The reviewer checks the correctness of the algorithm, proposes adding new possible features to the tool, fact-checks the article, and suggests new content that may be interesting for a reader.
  4. Proofreading the calculator and article in terms of grammar, formatting, proper language, and clarity of message. The proofreaders polish the final text that is then shown to users.


Our creators and contributors are carefully recruited and trained during the multi-stage process to ensure their expertise in specific aspects of science is high to write trustworthy and comprehensive content. Their knowledge and skills at presenting topics on our website allow them to write in clear and accessible ways. We provide our authors with regular feedback, ongoing coaching, and periodic workshops to keep the high-quality standards at our site. Every content's author and reviewer are listed below the calculator's name, and you can find out more about them on our about us page.