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It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of Google, a venture capitalist, a stockbroker, an entrepreneur or a simple student - we all have to admit that this world revolves around money. Almost every human interaction has something to do with finances: buying in a shop, providing services, borrowing, even going on a date. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with so many things to calculate and take into account, especially when it concerns our own business. Fortunately, you have discovered this place, and we will not leave you unarmed! We prepared calculators for each encounter with the cruel world of finances: business planning, investing, tax paying, debt managing, and many others. From now on, you can feel safe!

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401k CalculatorAfter-tax Cost of Debt CalculatorAltman Z-Score CalculatorAnnuity CalculatorAnnuity Payout CalculatorAppreciation CalculatorAPY CalculatorBeta Stock CalculatorBond Price CalculatorBond Yield CalculatorBreak-even CalculatorCAGR Calculator (Compound Annual Growth Rate)Call Option CalculatorCapital Gains Yield CalculatorCAPM Calculator (Capital Asset Pricing Model)Cash Conversion Cycle CalculatorCash Flow to Debt Ratio CalculatorCash Ratio CalculatorCD Calculator (Certificate of Deposit)Combined Ratio CalculatorCompound Growth CalculatorCompound Interest CalculatorCompound Interest Rate CalculatorCost of Equity CalculatorCoupon Payment CalculatorCredit Spread CalculatorCurrent Ratio CalculatorDefensive Interval Ratio Calculator Deferred Annuity CalculatorDegree of Operating Leverage CalculatorDepreciation CalculatorDiscounted Cash Flow Calculator (DCF)Dividend CalculatorDividend Discount Model CalculatorDividend Payout Ratio CalculatorDuPont Analysis CalculatorEAR CalculatorEarnings per Share CalculatorEarnings Per Share Growth CalculatorEBIT CalculatorEBITDA CalculatorEBITDA Margin CalculatorEBITDA MultipleEconomic Value Added CalculatorEffective Interest Rate CalculatorEnterprise Value CalculatorEquivalent Rate Calculator | AEREV to Sales Calculator – Enterprise Value to SalesExpense Ratio CalculatorFibonacci Retracement CalculatorFixed Asset Turnover Ratio CalculatorForward Rate CalculatorFree Cash Flow CalculatorFCFE CalculatorFCFF CalculatorFuture Value CalculatorFuture Value of Annuity CalculatorHolding Period Return CalculatorImmediate Annuity CalculatorInformation Ratio CalculatorInterest Coverage Ratio CalculatorIntrinsic Value CalculatorInventory Turnover CalculatorInvestment CalculatorIRR Calculator - Internal Rate of ReturnJensen's Alpha CalculatorLGD CalculatorLoss Ratio CalculatorMarginal Cost CalculatorMarket Capitalization CalculatorMIRR Calculator - Modified Internal Rate of ReturnMoney Market Account CalculatorMoving Average CalculatorMutual Fund CalculatorNet Profit Margin CalculatorNOPAT CalculatorNPV Calculator - Net Present ValueOperating Cash Flow CalculatorOperating Cash Flow Ratio CalculatorOpportunity Cost CalculatorOptions Spread CalculatorPayback Period CalculatorPEG Ratio CalculatorPerpetuity CalculatorPivot Point CalculatorPortfolio Beta CalculatorPresent Value CalculatorPresent Value of Annuity CalculatorPrice/Earnings Ratio CalculatorPrice to Book Ratio CalculatorPrice to Cash Flow Ratio CalculatorPrice to Sales Ratio CalculatorProfitability Index CalculatorPut-Call Parity Calculator PVIFA CalculatorQuick Ratio CalculatorRate of Return CalculatorReal Rate of Return CalculatorResidual Income CalculatorRetained Earnings CalculatorRetention Ratio CalculatorRetirement Withdrawal CalculatorReturn On Capital Employed Calculator (ROCE)Return on Equity CalculatorROIC Calculator - Return on Invested CapitalReturn on Sales CalculatorRevenue Growth CalculatorReturn On Assets CalculatorROI Calculator - Return on InvestmentRoth IRA calculatorRule of 72 CalculatorSavings Interest Rate CalculatorSavings Withdrawal CalculatorSharpe Ratio Formula CalculatorStock CalculatorStock Average Calculator (Cost Basis)Sustainable Growth Rate CalculatorTime Value of Money CalculatorTreynor Ratio CalculatorTTM Calculator – Trailing Twelve MonthsUnlevered Beta CalculatorWACC Calculator (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)Working Capital CalculatorYield to Call CalculatorYield to Maturity Calculator

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3D Printer - Buy vs Outsource Calculator529 CalculatorAuto Loan CalculatorBalloon Payment CalculatorBoat Loan CalculatorBudget CalculatorCalifornia Stimulus Check II CalculatorCar Affordability CalculatorCar Depreciation CalculatorCar Lease CalculatorSecond Stimulus Check Calculator - CASH ActCell Phone Plan CalculatorChild Tax Credit CalculatorCredit Card Payoff CalculatorCross Exchange Rate CalculatorDream Come True CalculatorEarly Retirement CalculatorInterest Rate CalculatorIRA calculatorLease CalculatorLease Mileage CalculatorLoan Repayment Calculator | Loan Payoff CalculatorMillionaire CalculatorNet Worth CalculatorPayday Loan CalculatorPersonal Loan CalculatorRent CalculatorRetirement CalculatorRMD Calculator - Required Minimum Distributions CalculatorSabbatical CalculatorSalary Inflation CalculatorSavings CalculatorSavings Goal CalculatorSavings Plan CalculatorScrap Gold CalculatorScrap Silver CalculatorSecond Stimulus Check Calculator - $900 Billion BillSecond Stimulus Check Calculator - HEROES ActSimple Savings CalculatorStimulus Check Calculator (40k Cap)Third Stimulus Check Calculator - American Rescue PlanStimulus Check Calculator - CAAF Act vs. HEALS Act vs. HEROES ActSecond Stimulus Check Calculator (HEALS Act)Stimulus Check CalculatorTrump's Taxes vs. Your Taxes CalculatorUnemployment Benefit Calculator - CARES ActUnemployment Benefit Calculator - HEALS Act vs. HEROES ActUnemployment Benefit Calculator - Lost Wages Assistance (LWA)Unpaid Work CalculatorWedding Budget Calculator

Debt management calculators 💳

28/36 Rule CalculatorAmortization CalculatorAPR CalculatorBiweekly Mortgage CalculatorBlended Rate CalculatorCar Refinance CalculatorCash-Out Refinance CalculatorCredit Card CalculatorCredit Card Interest CalculatorCredit Card Minimum Payment CalculatorCredit Card Payment CalculatorCredit Utilization CalculatorDebt CalculatorDebt Avalanche CalculatorDebt Consolidation CalculatorDebt Payoff CalculatorDebt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator (DSCR)Debt Snowball CalculatorDebt to Asset Ratio CalculatorDebt-to-Capital Ratio CalculatorDebt to Equity CalculatorDebt to Income Ratio CalculatorDeferred Payment Loan CalculatorEconomic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance (EIDL)Finance Charge CalculatorHome Loan CalculatorHome Mortgage CalculatorInterest-Only Mortgage CalculatorLand Loan CalculatorLoan Balance CalculatorLoan CalculatorLoan Comparison CalculatorLoan Payment CalculatorFizetési Moratórium KalkulátorMortgage CalculatorMortgage Acceleration CalculatorMortgage Amortization CalculatorMortgage with Extra Payments CalculatorMortgage Calculator with Taxes and InsuranceMortgage Comparison CalculatorMortgage Payoff CalculatorMortgage Penalty CalculatorMortgage Prepayment CalculatorMortgage Refinance CalculatorPartially Amortized Loan CalculatorPaycheck Protection Program Loan CalculatorPITI CalculatorPost Judgment Interest CalculatorRefinance CalculatorRefinance Break-Even CalculatorRV Loan CalculatorSimple Interest CalculatorSinking Fund CalculatorStudent Loan CalculatorStudent Loan Payment CalculatorStudent Loan Repayment Calculator | COVID-19

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