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It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of Google, a venture capitalist, a stockbroker, an entrepreneur or a simple student - we all have to admit that this world revolves around money. Almost every human interaction has something to do with finances: buying in a shop, providing services, borrowing, even going on a date. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with so many things to calculate and take into account, especially when it concerns our own business. Fortunately, you have discovered this place, and we will not leave you unarmed! We prepared calculators for each encounter with the cruel world of finances: business planning, investing, tax paying, debt managing, and many others. From now on, you can feel safe!

Business planning calculators 💼

Investment calculators 📈

Annuity Payout Calculator
Appreciation Calculator
APY Calculator
Break-even Calculator
CAGR Calculator (Compound Annual Growth Rate)
CAPM Calculator (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
Cash Flow to Debt Ratio Calculator
CD Calculator (Certificate of Deposit)
Compound Growth Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator
Compound Interest Rate Calculator
Cost of Equity Calculator
Current Ratio Calculator
Degree of Operating Leverage Calculator
Depreciation Calculator
Discounted Cash Flow Calculator (DCF)
Dividend Calculator
Dividend Discount Model Calculator
EAR Calculator
Earnings per Share Calculator
EBIT Calculator
EBITDA Calculator
EBITDA Multiple
Economic Value Added Calculator
Effective Interest Rate Calculator
Enterprise Value Calculator
Equivalent Rate Calculator | AER
Expense Ratio Calculator
FD Calculator - Fixed Deposit Calculator
Free Cash Flow Calculator
Future Value Calculator
Future Value of Annuity Calculator
Interest Coverage Ratio Calculator
Inventory Turnover Calculator
Investment Calculator
IRR Calculator - Internal Rate of Return
Marginal Cost Calculator
Market Capitalization Calculator
MIRR Calculator - Modified Internal Rate of Return
Money Market Account Calculator
Mutual Fund Calculator
Net Profit Margin Calculator
NOPAT Calculator
NPV Calculator - Net Present Value
Operating Cash Flow Calculator
Operating Cash Flow Ratio Calculator
Opportunity Cost Calculator
Payback Period Calculator
Perpetuity Calculator
Present Value Calculator
Present Value of Annuity Calculator
Price/Earnings Ratio Calculator
Price to Book Ratio Calculator
Profitability Index Calculator
PVIFA Calculator
Quick Ratio Calculator
Rate of Return Calculator
Real Rate of Return Calculator
Return On Employed Capital Calculator
Return on Equity Calculator
ROIC Calculator - Return on Invested Capital
Return on Sales Calculator
Return On Assets Calculator
ROI Calculator - Return on Investment
Roth IRA calculator
Rule of 72 Calculator
Savings Interest Rate Calculator
Sharpe Ratio Formula Calculator
Stock Calculator
Time Value of Money Calculator
WACC Calculator (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)

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Tax and salary calculators 🧾

Real estate calculators 🏠

Personal finance calculators 💰

Debt management calculators 💳

Microeconomics calculators 💲

Macroeconomics calculators 💵

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