Finance calculators

Investment calculators

  • The APY calculator can help you know how much interest you will get out of a bank balance or investment.
  • With the CAGR calculator you can accurately estimate how much you're likely to gain from an investment.
  • With the compound interest calculator, you can accurately predict how profitable certain investments will be for your portfolio.
  • The early retirement calculator will tell you when you will be able to retire and live off your passive income.
  • Future value calculator tells you how much your assets will be worth at a specific date.
  • Investment calculator shows you the future value of your investment, taking into account a fixed interest rate, additional monthly contributions and duration of your investment.
  • Use the partially amortized loan calculator to calculate the balloon payment of your loan.
  • Present value calculator allows to quickly insert any future value and find out its current worth.
  • Rule of 72 tool evaluates time needed for something to double using the Rule of 72.
  • Savings calculator is a comprehensive tool to plan future savings.
  • With our simple interest calculator you can check a monthly payment of an interest-only loan.

Mortgage and real estate calculators

  • The cap rate calculator determines the rate of return on your real estate property purchase.
  • Mortgage - Mortgage calculator is a simple tool that helps you estimate the cost of your mortgage. After putting in just a few digits you will find out what your monthly payment and total payments will be.

Other calculators

  • Our budget calculator will help you establish your monthly personal budget.
  • The car depreciation calculator allows you to find the market value of your car after a few years.
  • Inflation calculator helps you determine the inflation rate basing on the change of prices.
  • Lease - Lease calculator helps you determine the monthly and total payments for a lease. In order to that you will need to know the initial and residual value of the good that you'd like to lease, the lease interest rate and the lease term.
  • The overtime calculator determines your wages including overtime pay.
  • Use the retirement calculator to find the required monthly savings and the retirement salary you'll receive.
  • RV loan - Use our RV loan calculator to work out how to structure your RV financing deal.
  • Our sabbatical calculator will help you plan your leave from work in a way that ensures you don't run out of money.
  • The scrap gold calculator determines the value of your precious metals.