Sales Calculator

By Mateusz Mucha
Use the Sales calculator to work out your total revenue from your selling price and the number of units you sell.

The sales calculator is a super simple tool that lets you figure out how much revenue you're going to get per month (or any other unit of time) if you consistently sell certain number of products at a set price. As with all Omni calculators, it solves for any variable - you may provide your monthly sales and it will tell you how many units need to find a new home every day.

Sales people perform the same calculations over and over, we provided multiple tools to make their lives easier. Use margin calculator to set your price. VAT or sales tax tools make it easy to go from net to price or reverse this calculation. Commission calculator is there to show you what's in it for you. And finally, break-even calculator helps verify your business plan when you know the basic numbers: how many units you sell, at what price and what your fixed costs are. A simple, 30 seconds-long calculation may be enough to prevent you from starting a business with a wrong assumption.

This calculator was suggested by our user, Mari Perez.

Mateusz Mucha

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Sales Calculator