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We all use length, weight, temperature, time, speed, and various other quantities in everyday life. But they aren’t just plain numbers - they all have corresponding units. Moreover, the multitude of metric systems such as the International System of Units (SI) or the United States customary units (USC) complicates the situation even more. Is there a way to convert between units? How to memorize every unit in the world? Thankfully, you don’t need to do it! This pack of conversion calculators has been conscientiously prepared to serve you in almost every aspect of your life. They work both on the computer and on the smartphone so you can use them whenever and wherever you want. We also created many unusual calculators, such as the dog age calculator that finds the human age equivalent of your dog’s age, or the binary converter that lets you convert a number between binary and decimal systems. Check out Omni Calculators and make your life easier!

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Top conversion calculators

mg to mL Calculator

Use the mg to mL calculator to convert between milligrams and milliliters with ease.

Nm to ft-lbs Converter

Our Nm to ft-lbs converter allows you to switch between the five most popular units of torque, including the newton-meters and foot-pounds.

kg to Liter Converter

Our kg to liters converter will help you measure the weight and quantity of different liquids you use every day, from kilograms to liters and vice versa.

Inches to Fraction Calculator

Use the inches to fraction calculator to swiftly convert any decimal length to an inch fraction.

Pixels to Inches Converter

The pixels to inches converter transforms pixels to inches and the other way around in no time.

Grams To Calories Calculator

The grams to calories calculator is a simple tool that allows you to convert the amount of macronutrients (expressed in grams) to calories.

Cubic Feet Calculator

This cubic feet calculator will help you find the cubic footage of a box or space, given the dimensions in any popular length unit (inches, feet, yards, mm, cm, meters, and many more).

Crore to Million Converter

The crore to million converter allows you to convert any number in crores to its International place-value counterpart, millions, and vice-versa.

Military Time Converter

This military time converter is a must for all those searching for quick and easy conversion between military and regular time.

Million to Billion Converter

Convert from million to billion and vice versa effortlessly. Discover how many millions are in a billion with our precise, speedy converter. Try it now!

Crore to Lakh Converter

The crore to lakh converter allows you to convert any number in crores to lakh and vice versa. Both crore and lakh belong to the Indian place-value system.

Million to Lakh Converter

The million to lakh converter lets you convert any number in millions to its place value holder in the Indian numbering system, lakh.

Length Converter

Seamlessly convert between different units of length - millimeters, meters, inches, feet, etc, with our length converter. Fast and accurate. Convert now!

PSI to GPM Calculator

Convert water's flow rate in GPM from the PSI reading of a pressure gauge using the PSI to GPM calculator.

Acreage Calculator

Acreage calculator determines the size of an area based on its width and length and converts between different area units.