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We all use length, weight, temperature, time, speed, and various other quantities in everyday life. But they aren’t just plain numbers - they all have corresponding units. Moreover, the multitude of metric systems such as the International System of Units (SI) or the United States customary units (USC) complicates the situation even more. Is there a way to convert between units? How to memorize every unit in the world? Thankfully, you don’t need to do it! This pack of conversion calculators has been conscientiously prepared to serve you in almost every aspect of your life. They work both on the computer and on the smartphone so you can use them whenever and wherever you want. We also created many unusual calculators, such as the dog age calculator that finds the human age equivalent of your dog’s age, or the binary converter that lets you convert a number between binary and decimal systems. Check out Omni Calculators and make your life easier!

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Acres to Hectares ConverterAcres to Square Feet ConverterAngstrom to nm convertercc to Grams Convertercc to Liter Converter Calculatorcc to ml Convertercc to oz ConverterCelsius ConverterCelsius to Fahrenheit ConverterCentigrade to Celsius ConverterCentimeter CalculatorCent to Square Meter Convertercm to in Convertercm to m Calculatorcm to mm ConverterCubic Feet to Gallons ConverterCubic Inches to Gallons ConverterCups to Gallons ConverterCups to Oz ConverterCups to Pints ConverterCups to Quarts ConverterDegrees to Minutes ConverterDegrees to Radians ConverterDegrees to Seconds ConverterDistance ConverterFahrenheit ConverterFahrenheit to Celsius ConverterFeet to Miles Converterft to m ConverterGaj to Square Yard ConverterGallons to Cubic Feet ConverterGallons to Cups ConverterGallons to Pints ConverterGallons to Quarts Convertergal to kg Convertergr to ml Converterg to lbs ConverterHectares to Acres ConverterHeight ConverterHours to Minutes ConverterHours to Seconds ConverterImperial CalculatorImperial to Metric ConversionInch ConverterInch to Meter Calculatorin to cm ConverterKatha to Square Feet ConverterKelvin ConverterKelvin to Celsius ConverterKelvin to Fahrenheit Converterkg to lbs Converterkg to Liter Converterkg to mL Converterkg to ounce converterkg to Stones ConverterKilometer CalculatorKilometers to Miles Calculatorlbs to g Converterlbs to kg Converterlbs to Pounds Converterlbs to Stone ConverterLiter to cc Converterl to gal ConverterMeasurement ConverterMeters to Feet ConverterMeter To Mile ConverterMetric ConverterMetric to Imperial ConverterMetric to Inches CalculatorMetric to SAE CalculatorMetric to Standard Convertermg to lbs ConverterMicrometer ConverterMillimeter CalculatorMinutes to Seconds Converterml to cc Converterml to kg Converterml to oz Converterml to tbsp Converterml to tsp Converterml to ul Conversionmm Calculatormm to km ConversionMonths to Years Calculatorm to ft Converternm converterOunces to Grams Converteroz to cc ConverterOunces to Milliliters ConverterPints to Cups ConverterPints to Gallons ConverterPounds to Grams ConverterPounds to lbs ConverterPounds to Ounces ConverterPounds to Stone ConverterQuarts to Cups ConverterQuarts to Gallons ConverterRadians to Degrees ConverterSeconds to Hours ConverterSeconds to Minutes ConverterSquare Centimeters To Square Millimeters ConverterSquare Feet ConverterSquare Feet to Acres CalculatorSquare Inch to Square Foot ConverterSquare Meter ConverterSquare Meters to Square Feet ConverterSquare Miles to Square km ConverterSquare Yard ConverterStone to kg ConverterStone to lbs convertertbsp to Grams ConverterTbsp to ml Convertertsp to grams Convertertsp to ml ConverterYards to Meters Conversion
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