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Learn how to simply convert meters to miles and backward with Omni's meter to mile converter. Read the short article below to find:

  • How many miles are in a meter?
  • Meter to mile conversion and vice versa;
  • Examples of conversion from meter to mile and mile to meters.

What are meters and miles?

The meter, or shortly m, is the basic SI unit of length. A mile, or mi, is a measure of length used in the U.S. customary and imperial systems of measurement.
Below you will find some equivalents between length measurements in the imperial measurement system and the SI system.

SI System:

1 mile = 1,609.344 meters = 1.609344 kilometers

Imperial System:

1 mile = 5280 feet = 1760 yards

Meters to miles conversion

If you want to convert meters to miles just remember the formula:

1,609.344 meters = 1 mile

Thus, you only need to divide the value in meters by 1,609.344 to convert it to miles. Let us convert 600 meters to miles to see how it works:

600 meters / 1,609.344 = 0.3728 miles

So, 600 meters to miles is 0.3728 miles.

Going the other way, conversion from a mile to a meter requires you to multiply the value in miles by 1,609.344 to get it in meters. For example, 2.3 miles will be:

2.3 miles × 1,609.344 = 3,701.5 meters

How to use our meter to mile converter

Using our meter to mile converter is pretty simple:

  1. Enter a value in meters or their multiples such as centimeters (cm) or kilometers (km), e.g. 21 km.
  2. Read the result of meter to mile conversion: 21 km is exactly 13.05 miles.
  3. And vice versa, give value in miles, e.g. 0.25 miles, to do mile to m conversion.
  4. Get the result: 0.25 miles is 402.3 meters or 4,023 decimeters (dm).

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How many miles in a meter?

1 meter is equal to 0.00062137 (6.27137 × 10⁴) miles. This is a conversion factor from meters to miles. Simply multiply the value in meters by 0.00062137 to convert it from meters to miles. For example, 250 meters × 0.00062137 = 0.15534 miles.

How many miles are in 35 kilometers?

21.75 miles. To convert meters to miles:

  1. Convert kilometers to meters by multiplying by 1000:

    35 × 1000 = 35,000 meters.

  2. Divide 35,000 meters by 1,609.344:

    35,000 / 1,609.344 = 21.75 miles.

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