Length Conversion Calculator

Length conversion tool enables quick conversion between length units from imperial and metric systems.

Length conversion is a tool that enables quick conversion between length units expressed in imperial and metric system. Calculator is equipped with 9 different units of length measurement:

  • millimeters (mm)
  • centimeters (cm)
  • decimeters (dm)
  • meters (m)
  • inches (in)
  • feet (ft)
  • yards (yd)
  • miles (mi)
  • nautical miles (nmi)

Length conversion is performed by typing respective units (up to 4 in the same calculation) into the tool. Calculator then returns results in each unit in real time. If you are looking to assess some area, another tool we would recommend is square footage calculator. Related calculations can be also performed with our weight conversion tool where instead or length conversion you can quickly change between weight units.

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Length Conversion Calculator