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Chemistry might seem intimidating and counterintuitive at first, but it is also extremely useful. So how can you learn everything about chemistry without effort? We don’t know the answer, but we can help you solve chemistry problems faster and more efficiently thanks to our chemistry calculators. From calculating concentrations to solving important chemistry equations, we have a calculator for each of your needs. You need to figure out activation energies? We’ve got you covered. Would you like to know the boiling point at different altitudes? There’s a calculator for that. You prefer vapor pressures and neutralizations? Don’t fret! We also have calculators to help you with these problems. Heck! We even have a calculator to help you understand the half-life of radioactive elements.

Chemistry Collections

Top chemistry calculators

Mole Calculator

Need to convert between moles, molecular weight and mass? You can do it here with our mole calculator.

Grams to Moles Calculator

Use this grams to moles calculator whenever you want to know the number of moles of a substance with a specific mass.

Molarity Calculator

Determine solution molarity and understand molar concentration with our intuitive Molarity Calculator.

pH Calculator

The pH calculator can determine the pH from H⁺ molar concentration, or Ka, and the concentration of a solution.

Half-Life Calculator

Use the half-life calculator to analyze radioactive decay.

Theoretical Yield Calculator

Want to know how much product you are going to make in a reaction? Use the theoretical yield calculator!

Atom Calculator

The atom calculator finds the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom.

Percent Yield Calculator

Are you carrying out a reaction? Find your reaction efficiency with our percent yield calculator.

PPM to Molarity Calculator

If you need to convert ppm (parts per million) to molarity for solutions, this calculator is for you!

Chemical Name Calculator

Are you having trouble with finding the name of your ionic compound? Our chemical name calculator can help you with that!

Equilibrium Constant Calculator

Need some help calculating the equilibrium constant of reversible chemical reactions? Having problems with 'how to do it' and 'what do I need this for'? Click and find the answers to all of your questions!

Buffer pH Calculator

Our buffer pH calculator will help you painlessly compute the pH of a buffer based on an acid or a base.

Avogadro's Number Calculator

This Avogadro's number calculator will help you find the number of molecules in a mole.

Mixing Ratio Calculator

The mixing ratio calculator allows you to compute the percentages of substances in a mixture and multiply their amount to find the desired volume/weight ratio.

Partial Pressure Calculator

Use this partial pressure calculator to learn about four partial pressure formulas and several laws. Also, find out how pressure is used by divers and doctors.