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Chemistry might seem intimidating and counterintuitive at first, but it is also extremely useful. So how can you learn everything about chemistry without effort? We don’t know the answer, but we can help you solve chemistry problems faster and more efficiently thanks to our chemistry calculators. From calculating concentrations to solving important chemistry equations, we have a calculator for each of your needs. You need to figure out activation energies? We’ve got you covered. Would you like to know the boiling point at different altitudes? There’s a calculator for that. You prefer vapor pressures and neutralizations? Don’t fret! We also have calculators to help you with these problems. Heck! We even have a calculator to help you understand the half-life of radioactive elements.

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General chemistry calculators ⚛️

  • Atom Calculator
  • Atomic Mass Calculator
  • Average Atomic Mass Calculator
  • Bond Order Calculator
  • Chemical Name Calculator
  • Effective Nuclear Charge Calculator
  • Electron Configuration Calculator
  • Electronegativity Calculator
  • Molar Mass Calculator
  • Percent Composition Calculator
  • Percent Ionic Character Calculator
  • pKa Calculator

Stoichiometry calculators 🧪

  • AFR Calculator (Air-Fuel Ratio)
  • Atom Economy Calculator
  • Avogadro's Number Calculator
  • Grams to Moles Calculator
  • Hydrogen Ion Concentration Calculator
  • Molality Calculator
  • Molarity Calculator
  • Molar Mass of Gas Calculator
  • Mole Calculator
  • Molecular Weight Calculator
  • Mole Fraction Calculator
  • Normality Calculator
  • PPM to Molarity Calculator

Mixtures and solutions calculators ⚗️

  • Activity Coefficient Calculator
  • Alligation Calculator
  • Bleach Dilution Calculator
  • Buffer Capacity Calculator
  • Buffer pH Calculator
  • Concentration Calculator
  • Dilution Factor Calculator
  • Henderson-Hasselbalch Calculator
  • Mass Percent Calculator
  • Mixing Ratio Calculator
  • Neutralization Calculator
  • Percentage Concentration to Molarity Calculator
  • pH Calculator
  • Raoult's Law Calculator
  • Reconstitution Calculator
  • Saponification Value Calculator
  • Serial Dilution Calculator
  • Solution Dilution Calculator
  • TDS Calculator
  • Titration Calculator
  • Water Hardness Calculator

Chemical reactions calculators 💥

  • Activation Energy Calculator
  • Actual Yield Calculator
  • Arrhenius Equation Calculator
  • Equilibrium Constant Calculator
  • Kp Calculator
  • Molar Ratio Calculator
  • Percent Yield Calculator
  • Rate Constant Calculator
  • Reaction Quotient Calculator
  • Theoretical Yield Calculator

Chemical thermodynamics calculators 🌡️

  • Boiling Point Calculator
  • Boiling Point at Altitude Calculator
  • Boiling Point Elevation Calculator
  • Entropy Calculator
  • Freezing Point Depression Calculator
  • Gibbs Free Energy Calculator
  • Gibbs' Phase Rule Calculator
  • Heat of Combustion Calculator
  • STP Calculator (Standard Temperature and Pressure)
  • Vapor Pressure Calculator
  • Vapor Pressure of Water Calculator

Electrochemistry calculators 🔋

Physical chemistry calculators 🥼

  • Diffusion Coefficient Calculator
  • Rate of Effusion Calculator
  • Half-Life Calculator
  • Langmuir Isotherm Calculator
  • Osmotic Pressure Calculator
  • Partial Pressure Calculator
  • Radioactive Decay Calculator
  • Two-Photon Absorption Calculator
  • Young-Laplace Equation Calculator

Organic chemistry calculators 🛢️

Biochemistry calculators 🧫

  • Calibration Curve Calculator
  • Enzyme Activity Calculator
  • Isoelectric Point Calculator
  • Michaelis-Menten Equation Calculator
  • Protein Solubility Calculator
  • Resuspension Calculator

Other calculators

  • Beer-Lambert Law Calculator
  • Cubic Cell Calculator
  • Detention Time Calculator
  • Hydraulic Retention Time Calculator
  • Miller Indices Calculator