Mixing Ratio Calculator

By Łucja Zaborowska, MD
Last updated: Oct 22, 2020

Our mixing ratio calculator is a simple tool that allows you to compute the amounts and percentages of substances needed to create a given mixture of your choice.

Are you looking for the 20 to 1 ratio calculation? Search no more! Use the advanced mode button to discover a whole new dimension of our calculator's functions. ⚗️

Start reading the article below to discover how to find actual mixing ratio and find out how to use the mixing ratio calculator for liquid or solid substances to its full capacity.

What is the mixing ratio?

When we talk about mixing ratio, we mean the amount of each substance in a mixture compared to the total amount of the mixture.

The amount of a given substance can be expressed as a percent of the full 100% of a mixture. If there are multiple substances in a mixture, their percentages must also add up to 100%.

We can talk about the mixing ratio of volumes, masses, or moles - our mixing ratio calculator allows you to input all of these values.

For a better explanation, we may, as an example, think of a paint mixing ratio calculator:

  • We'd like to mix blue and yellow paint to obtain the color green.

  • The amount of the ready-to-use paint, after mixing, will be equal to 100 ml = 100%.

  • To achieve a perfect shade of green, we need to mix 2 portions of blue paint and 3 portions of yellow paint - we need 5 parts altogether. 🔵+🟡=🟢

  • We need to divide the 100 ml by the number of portions: 100/5=20.

  • Let's multiply 20 by the number of portions for each color.

🔵 Blue: 2 * 20 = 40 ml

🟡 Yellow: 3 * 20 = 60 ml

Let's check our calculations: in this case 40 ml = 40%, and 60 ml = 60%. If we add 40% and 60%, we'll obtain a nice, round 100% - everything's correct!

  • The mixing ratio in our case will be equal to 40/100 and 60/100 - we'll need to use 40%, or 40 ml, of blue paint and 60%, or 60 ml, of yellow paint.

If you already know what's up, it's time to try our other mixing-related calculators:

How to use the mixing ratio calculator?

It's simpler than you think! Enter the amount of your substances into the calculator to obtain their mixing ratio in percentages. Your result will also include the total amount of your mixture.

💡 All the values entered have to have the same unit!

Want more?

You may use our tool as a 5 to 1 mix ratio calculator - click the advanced mode button and enter the value by which you'd like to modify your substances' amounts.

  • You may either increase the total amount of substance (enter, e.g., 2, 4, or 6); or
  • Decrease it (enter, e.g., 0.5, 1/2, 3/4).

How do you calculate the mixing ratio?

We're going to a party! 🎉🍹

Follow our party example below to determine how to calculate mixing ratios on your own. This time, we're going to imitate the mix ratio calculator by volume.

  1. We're heading to a party, and so we'd love to prepare some delicious punch. Here comes the good news - we've already found a lovely, easy recipe! We do have a little problem though - the instructions were meant for 1 person, and we need a lot more than that: about 7.8 gallons of punch. What do we do?

    Our recipe:

    • 100 fl oz of pineapple juice
    • 200 fl oz of apple juice
    • 50 fl oz of grenadine

    The total amount of mixture: 350 oz.

  2. We're going to compute the mixing ratio in percentage. Let's use the following mixing ratio formulas:

    Substance perentage = (Substance amount * 100%)/ Total amount of mixture

    Let's calculate the substance percentage for each ingredient:

    Pineapple juice% = (100 oz * 100%)/ 350 oz = 28.57% Ratio: (28.57/100)

    Apple juice% = (200 oz * 100%)/350 oz = 57.14% Ratio: (57.14/100)

    Grenadine% = (50 oz * 100%)/350 oz = 14.29% Ratio: (14.29/100)

    All of our substance percentages should sum up to 100%: 28.57 + 57.14 + 14.29 = 100% 👍

  3. Final calculating: how much of each ingredient do we need?

    We need 7.8 gallons of punch => 1 000 fl oz. Our original mixture has 350 oz.

    Our mixture ratio was calculate for 100% - we may think of it as 100 oz. 1 000 oz/100 oz = 10 - we need 10 times more ingredients.

    We're using the ratio's nominators:

    • Pineapple juice: 28.57 * 10 = 285.7 oz
    • Apple juice: 57.14 * 10 = 571.4 oz
    • Grenadine: 14.29 * 10 = 142.9 oz

    Let's check if everything is correct: 285.7 + 571.4 + 142.9 = 1 000

We got it! Let's drink to that. 🍻

Łucja Zaborowska, MD
Input your data (up to 15 substances).

Input either the mass or volume of each substance. Make sure to use the same unit for all the substances!
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Total amount: 0 = 100%
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