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The liquid ethylene density calculator can help you calculate the density of ethylene in its liquid form. You can either do this experimentally from its volume and weight or look up the theoretical density at specific pressures and temperatures.

In this short accompanying text, we will briefly cover:

  • What is ethylene, and what is it used for?
  • Define ethylene's chemical structure; and
  • Ethylene's (C2H4\text{C}_2\text{H}_4) boiling and melting points, between which it is a liquid.

What is ethylene? – ethylene formula

Ethylene (or ethene, as it is now called) is a hydrocarbon and is the simplest alkene (a molecule that contains a carbon-carbon double bond). Plants naturally produce it as a hormone to promote the ripening of fruit (e.g., bananas).

We define ethylene as either C2H4\text{C}_2\text{H}_4 or H2C=CH2\text{H}_2\text{C}=\text{CH}_2 to represent its physical structure. It is a liquid between the C2H4\text{C}_2\text{H}_4 melting point (169.2 °C-169.2\ \degree\text{C}) and the C2H4\text{C}_2\text{H}_4 boiling point (103.7 °C-103.7\ \degree\text{C}) at standard pressures (1 bar1\ \text{bar}, approximately atmospheric pressure).

🔎 We created a tool that teaches you the relationship between boiling point and pressure, the boiling point calculator!

How to use the liquid ethylene density calculator

There are two ways to use this liquid ethylene density calculator. In the first section of the calculator, enter the weight (or mass) of the liquid ethylene and the volume it occupies. The calculator will then use the classic formula to calculate density to give you the density of your liquid ethylene. Here's a reminder of that formula:

density=massvolume\text{density} = \frac{\text{mass}}{\text{volume}}

🙋 Learn how to convert between the proper units of mass and volume with our volume conversion and weight converter. We made switching from metric to imperial and vice-versa as easy as cake!

In the second section of the calculator, we consider the pressure and temperature of the liquid ethylene to lookup the density from empirical experiments. Select the pressure of your liquid ethylene (hint: 1 bar1\ \text{bar} is around atmospheric pressure, you can learn about this conversion with our pressure converter) and input its temperature. The calculator will then show you what the density should be.

🙋 Note, that the calculator only accepts temperatures at which liquid ethylene is a liquid and where there is available data (down to 123 °C-123\ \degree\text{C}). The calculator will tell you the range of acceptable values for each pressure.


Is C₂H₄ soluble in water?

Yes, C₂H₄ (ethylene) is slightly soluble in water. 131 mg of ethylene can dissolve in one liter of water at 25 °C. At a water temperature of 0 °C, it is more soluble at 250 mg/L.

How do I make ethylene from ethanol?

Ethylene can be made by the dehydration of ethanol in the presence of aluminum oxide, using the following method:

  1. Add some ethanol to a test tube and clamp it in place at a shallow angle.
  2. Add a few grams of aluminum oxide to the test tube, but don't submerge it in the ethanol.
  3. Plug the test tube with a one-hole rubber stopper with a glass tube and attach a plastic tube to collect the ethylene gas by water displacement.
  4. Use a bunsen burner to heat the aluminum oxide and occasionally the ethanol.
  5. Once you smell the ethylene, start collecting it.

What is the formula for ethylene?

The chemical formula for ethylene (or ethylene) is C₂H₄ or H₂C=CH₂. The carbon-carbon to hydrogen bond angle is 121.3°. The length of the carbon-carbon double bond is 133.9 picometers (pm), while the size of the carbon-hydrogen bond is 108.7 pm.

What is ethylene used to make?

Most of the ethylene produced is used to make other chemicals, such as ethylene oxide, ethylene dichloride, polyethylene, and ethylbenzene. The most common reaction type used to create these products is electrophilic addition.

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