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Pressure conversion tool handles conversion between different units of pressure.

Pressure conversion calculator helps to quickly convert between different units that pressure can be expressed in. According to its definition, pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface, divided by the the area its applied over. For a smooth pressure conversion experience, this tool includes various units used around the world, such as:

  • Pascal - the SI (International System of Units) unit equal to one newton per square meter
  • Bar - also part of SI and metric system, equal to 100,000 Pascals
  • Pounds per square inch (also known as pound-force per square inch or psi) - it equals around 6.895 Pascals
  • Hectopascal - used mostly by meteorologists to express atmospheric air pressure (equals 100 Pascals)
  • Atmospheres - is also called Standard Pressure, it is the air pressure at sea level. It has a fixed value of 101,325 Pascals

Depending on your needs you might use the pressure converter in different ways. Feel free to adjust the units accordingly and receive results in real time.

🙋 We have many calculators that you can learn with, and that can make your life easier. Check out the pressure calculator to learn more about different kinds of pressure. The air pressure at altitude calculator explains why pressure changes with altitude. Finally, with the conversion calculator you can convert all the basic parameters like temperature, area, or weight.


What is air pressure?

Air pressure, or atmospheric pressure, is the force exerted per unit area by the weight of the air around you. Air molecules, even small ones, have a certain weight, and as they come in huge numbers that make up the layers of our atmosphere, a huge weight is created that presses on what is below.

What are the units of pressure?

The five standard units of pressure are Pascals (tiny pressure unit), bar (100,000 Pascals), atm (101,325 Pascals), pounds per square inch (psi), and hectopascals (hPa, equal to 100 Pascals). You may also encounter several other pressure units such as millimeters of mercury (mmHg) or torr ( 1 atm = 760 Torr).

How much 2.24 atm will be in Pa and bar?

Assuming that air pressure in a tire is 2.24 atm, it will be 226,968 Pa and 2.26968 bar. To calculate it:

  1. Convert 2.24 atm to Pascals: 2.24 atm × 101,325 Pa = 226,968 Pa.
  2. Divide by 100,000 to find pressure in bars: 226,968 Pa/100,000 = 2.26968 bar ≈ 2.27 bar.

How can I convert pressure to atmospheres?

One atmosphere (atm) is equal to 101,325 Pa, so to convert pressure in different units into atmospheres:

  1. Divide the pressure in Pascals by 101,325 Pa/atm, e.g., 97,560 Pa/101,325 Pa/atm = 0.963 atm.
  2. Convert the pressure in psi to atm: atm = psi/14.7.
  3. Multiply the pressure in bars by 0.987, e.g. for 0.98 bars: atm = 0.98 bar × 0.987 = 0.967 atm.

Which instrument is used to measure pressure?

You can measure atmospheric pressure using a barometer. A manometer is used to measure the pressure of gases. Today, many phones, including the iPhone, have a built-in barometer that measures air pressure. It is useful for everything from detecting changes in the weather to calculating how high you are.

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