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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Converting yard to meter is an easy task. However, we can learn quite a lot about this conversion. Follow us in this short article; we'll teach you:

  • What is a yard? What is a meter? Comparison of two units.
  • How to calculate the yards to meters conversion.
  • An example of conversion.

And much more. Ready?

What is a yard? What is a meter?

Yards and meters are measurement units for length. Let's find out more about them.

The yard

The yard is an imperial measurement unit, equal to exactly 3 feet. We use it the most. The history of the yard, as for many other imperial units, is quite turbulent, as the unit went through multiple definitions and changes. Its value settled in 1959 when an international convention fixed the relationship between the yard and the meter.

The meter

The meter is the base unit for length in the International System of units. Knowing their prefixes, we can easily convert from the meter to any other unit for length in the SI. The introduction of the meter is a consequence of the push for reformation of the measurement units in France at the time of the Revolution. The meter is, together with the kilogram, the first unit of the new system to be introduced. Its definition changed multiple times, from a measured fraction of the meridian crossing Paris to the current one: the distance covered by light in the vacuum in 1/2997924581/299792458 of a second.

Calculate the conversion from yards to meters

The convention of 1959 fixed the conversion from yard to meter with the following formula:

1 yd=0.9144 m1\ \mathrm{yd} = 0.9144\ \mathrm{m}

To convert from yard to meters, we only have to multiply a measure in yard by the conversion factor:

0.9144 myd0.9144\ \frac{\mathrm{m}}{\mathrm{yd}}

As you can see, a yard is slightly shorter than a meter, less than 10%. To estimate small distances, you can approximate the yard to be equal to a meter.

An example of calculating the yard to meter conversion

How long is an American football field in meters? The length of such a pitch in yard is 100 yd100\ \mathrm{yd}. To convert from yards to meters, we simply multiply the measure in yards by the conversion factor:

100 yd100 yd0.9144 m/yd=91.44 m\begin{split} 100\ \mathrm{yd} &\equiv 100\ \mathrm{yd}\cdot 0.9144\ \mathrm{m/yd}\\ & = 91.44\ \mathrm{m} \end{split}

As you can see, it's not far from 100 meters.


How do I convert from yard to meter?

To convert from yard to meters, follow these easy steps:

  1. Measure your distance in yards.
  2. Multiply the distance in yards by the factor for converting from yards to meters: 0.9144 m/yd (which tells us that every yard is 0.9144 meters long).
  3. You are done: the result of the previous multiplication is the equivalent length expressed in meters.

How much is 10 meters in yards?

10 meters are equal to 10.936 yards. To find this result find the conversion factor from meters to yards:

  1. Find the conversion factor from yards to meters: 1 yd = 0.9144 m.
  2. Invert it to find the desired conversion factor: 1 m = 1/0.9144 yd = 1.0936 yd.

To compute the result, multiply the measure in meters by this conversion factor: 10 m = 10 m × 1.0936 yd/m = 10.936 yd.

Is one yard equal to one meter?

A yard is not equal to one meter, but to 0.9144 meters. The difference between a yard and a meter is relatively small (less than 10%): you can replace yards with meters and vice-versa when estimating short distances: a building 12 meters tall is just slightly more than 13 yards tall, for example.

Davide Borchia
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