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The yard to mile converter is here for you to help you calculate miles from yards. It also works in reverse, and you can use it as a mi to yd converter. Keep reading to learn how to do these calculations on your own and to find similar tools.

Conversion chart - miles to yards

The below conversion chart shows how to convert miles to yards to feet to inches. As you see, it's fairly easy - the tricky part is remembering the conversion factors.

If you know a distance in miles, you need to multiply it by 1760 to get yards. From there, you can multiply it times 3 to get feet. Then, multiply it times 12 to get inches. You can also go the other way and divide a number by 12, 3, or 1760.

length conversion chart - imperial system. Mi to yd to ft to in.

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What is the conversion factor used to convert miles to yards?

The conversion factor in calculating miles to yards is 1760.
1 mile = 1760 yards
So, to find the distance in miles, you need to divide the yards by 1760:
miles = yards / 1760
To find the distance in yards, multiply the miles times 1760:
yards = miles ×1760
To save time, our yard to mile converter is always available.

How many miles is 500 yards?

500 yards equals around 0.3 miles or, more precisely, 0.2841 miles. To convert miles and yards, you need to:

  • multiply the distance in miles times 1760 to get yards, and
  • divide the distance in yards by 1760 to get miles.
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