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Newton Meter Calculator

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Our newton meter calculator is here to help you convert from a newton meter to a list of other torque-measuring units.

You might never have thought of needing a calculator to assist you in converting a newton meter to a foot-pound. But you would have wondered, is a newton meter a joule? Or how much does 1 newton meter equal? You are at the right place, no matter how big or small your question is.

So, let's start by talking about what a is newton meter.

What is a newton meter?

Newton meter is a unit that measures torque and work/energy.

Torque is the turning effect of force. In other words, it is a force that can cause an object to rotate. For instance, you were tightening a nut using a wrench. The motion would be rotational. And we would say the torque was 'x' newton meter (x being any number).

It would be good to remember that 1 newton meter equals the force of 1 newton applied to a moment arm of 1 meter.

We have a work and power calculator that you may wanna check out to get to know more about work and the units that measure it.

Newton meter calculator

The newton meter calculator is one of the simplest tools of its kind. It is effortless to use and has a list of unit options to choose from.

Newton meter is the unit of torque, but so is the foot-pound force, and many others. This means you have a long list of units you can convert from by using the newton meter as your base conversion.

So to use our tool, you must start by entering your amount in the unit of your choice. And then, in the second field, you have the result converted in the unit you chose to convert it to.

For instance, you want to convert 7 N·m to dyn cm. The first field has a default unit of N·m, and you enter 7. In the second field, change the unit to dyne centimeter, and you have your result: 70,000,000 dyn cm.

But the best part is that the tool works in reverse as well. If you want to convert from 5 ton-foot meter to a newton meter, the tool will determine the result of 49,020 N·m.

Newton meter conversion

The newton meter conversion is easy, straightforward, and much-needed. We understand not all calculations use the same units of measurement and require different units in situations. This is why we have created the newton meter calculator to help you convert from newton meter to ft-lbs (foot-pound force), or kN·m (kilonewton meter), and much more.

The list of units we provide to convert from is as follows:

  • Kilonewton meter;
  • Millionewton meter;
  • Micronewton meter;
  • Foot-pound force;
  • Dyne centimeter;
  • Kilogram-force meter;
  • Ton-force meter; and
  • Poundal foot.

Newton meter and torque

Imagine force applied on an object. Now imagine the object rotates due to that force. This is torque. Simple yet so significant.

If you want to know more about it, you may want to check out our torque calculator.

Torque is also measured in joules on occasion as the newton-meter is equivalent to joules, the SI unit of work. Since they are equal to each other, one can be converted into the other. And if that is something of interest to you, it is highly recommended to try out Omni's nm to joules calculator.


Can we measure torque in newton meter?

Yes, we can. Newton meter is the SI unit of torque.

Torque is the force that rotates an object. It involves force, its unit is the newton, and the distance the object is moved, and the unit is the meter. So, combining them both, the newton meter becomes the unit to measure torque.

How much is 2.4 foot-pounds in newton meter?

2.4 foot-pounds (ft·lbs) equals 3.254 newton meters (N·m).

The conversion is straightforward, and all you have to remember is that:

1 ft·lbf = 1.3558 N·m

So, to convert from foot-pound force to newton meters

  1. Note the amount in foot-pounds.
  2. Multiply it by 1.3558.
  3. The result is the quantity in the newton meters.

Is a newton meter a joule?

Yes, a newton meter is equal to a joule. Joule is the SI unit of work and energy.

One joule of work occurs when a force of one newton displaces an object through a distance of one meter.

How can I convert Nm to poundal force?

The conversion from newton meter (N·m) to poundal force (pdl·ft) is simple and requires one small step. But before that, you need to know that 1 N·m = 23.2 poundal force.

So, all you have to do is:

  1. Multiply your amount in newton meters by 23.2; and
  2. You have your result in poundal force.

It couldn't get any easier.

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