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MmHg to Atm Conversion

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What is the conversion of mmHg to atm?Reverse problem: atm to mmHg conversionHow to convert mmHg to atm: examplesHow to use this mmHg to atm calculator?Our similar tools

Our mmHg to atm conversion tool is an easy-to-use tool that will help you convert pressure (or stress) from millimeters of mercury (mmHg) to atmospheres (atm) or vice versa. You can also use this mmHg to atm calculator to convert pressure to other units!

Below we have prepared a short article from which you will learn what mmHg and atm are and how the conversion from mmHg to atm is calculated.

What is the conversion of mmHg to atm?

A millimeter of mercury, or mmHg, is a non-SI unit of pressure, still widely used in medicine and meteorology. One millimeter of mercury corresponds roughly to 1760\frac{1}{760} of standard atmospheric pressure (atm). So, use the following formula to convert mmHg to atm:

atm=mmHg/760\rm atm = mmHg/760

Reverse problem: atm to mmHg conversion

The atmosphere (or standard atmosphere), symbol: atm, measures the pressure exerted by a 760-mm column of mercury at standard gravity (9.80665 m/s2 at 0°C).

The formula to convert from atm to mmHg is:

mmHg=atm×760\rm mmHg = atm \times 760

How to convert mmHg to atm: examples

Let's say we want to convert how many atm corresponds to 610 mmHg. The 610 mmHg to atm pressure conversion formula is:

 atm=610 mmHg / 760=0.802632 atm0.8 atm\begin{align*} \rm \text{ } atm &= \rm 610 \text{ }mmHg \ /\ 760 \\ &=\rm 0.802632 \text{ } atm \\ & \approx 0.8 \rm \text{ } atm \end{align*}

Now let's convert 3 atm to mmHg:

 mmHg=3 atm×760=2, ⁣280 mmHg\begin{align*} \rm \text{ } mmHg &= \rm 3 \text{ }atm \times 760 \\ &=\rm 2,\!280 \text{ } mmHg \end{align*}

How to use this mmHg to atm calculator?

Using our mmHg to atm converter is pretty simple, just:

  1. Enter the pressure in millimeters of mercury, and our tool will instantly perform the pressure conversion in mmHg to atm.

  2. Enter the pressure in standard atmospheres, and our tool will work in reverse and convert atm to mmHg.

  3. Need other pressure/stress units? Click the unit label in any field, and a list of units to choose from will appear!

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