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atm to Pascals Conversion

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With our atm to Pascal conversion calculator, you can seamlessly convert your values between atm and Pascal pressure units. Here, we'll also explore the atm to Pascal formulas for handy calculations.

Whether you're learning or exploring scientific concepts like fluid dynamics or meteorology, such conversions are invaluable when observing different pressure values.

Now then, let's dive into this Pa to atm calculator to learn more about this type of pressure conversion.

Convert atm to Pascals

The conversions between pressure units are significant in meteorology, as they are crucial for weather predictions and understanding atmospheric conditions. Engineers, aerospace, and fluid dynamics scientists rely heavily on such pressure conversions for accurate calculations.

Here's how we can transform atmospheric pressure atm to Pascals using this atm to Pascals conversion tool:

  1. Enter your atm value.
  2. Our calculator will provide you with a precise equivalent in Pascals.
  3. You may also enter the measurement in Pascals first to obtain its equivalent in atm.

For instance, if you enter 0.8 atm, according to our tool, it is equal to 81060 Pa. If you want to use our tool as a Pa to atm calculator, input the value in Pa, 30000, and the result in atm is 0.296077.

atm to Pascals formula

The atm to Pascal conversion formula is quite straightforward. The conversion factor is 101325, which makes the formula:

Pa=atm×101325\text {Pa} = \text{atm} \times 101325


  • atm\text{atm} - The atmospheric pressure;
  • Pa\text{Pa} - The pressure in Pascals.

Pa to atm conversion

For the Pascal to atm conversion, the ingredients of the formula remain the same but need slight rearrangements. So, the atm to Pascals formula now becomes:

atm=Pa101325\text{atm} = \frac{\text{Pa}}{101325}

Now, all you have to do is divide the Pascal measurements by 101325, and you have the value in atm.

Other pressure converters at Omni

If you thought we only have one tool to convert between pressure units, we suggest you think again. We made sure to have enough tools for you to convert between not only atm and Pascals but also *other pressure units of your choice.

Now, let's explore a suite of other related pressure conversion tools:


How can I convert 20 atm to Pascals?

20 atm to Pa is 2,026,500.

Follow these steps to convert atm to Pascals:

  1. Note the value in atm, i.e., 20.

  2. Multiply the value by 101325.
    Pa = atm × 101325

  3. The result is the measurement in Pascals; 2,026,500 Pascals.

Can I convert 7 atm to Pascals?

Yes, you certainly can!

7 atm is 709275 Pascals. Let's use the atm to Pascals formula to make the conversion:

Pascals = atm × 101325

Pascals = 7 × 101325

Pascals = 709275

How much is 3500 Pascals in atm?

We get 0.0345423 atm when converting 3500 Pascals into atmospheres.

We do this by dividing the given Pascals by 101325, as shown in the following formula:

atm = Pa / 101325

atm = 3500 / 101325

atm = 0.0345423

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