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kPa to atm Conversion

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kPa to atm formulaCarry out the kPa to atm conversionUsing our kPa to atm converterThe family of pressure calculating tools

Let us help you facilitate your kPa to atm conversions with our dedicated kPa to atm calculator while also providing insight on how to perform an accurate conversion with the kPa to atm formula for quick and precise results.

Whether you're dealing with specific measurements, like 300 kPa in atm, or just curious about pressure conversion metrics like kPa or atm, we've got you covered.

kPa to atm formula

The formula to convert between pressure units, kPa and atm is simple and only uses the converting measurement and the conversion factor.

Here's the formula for converting pressure from kilopascals kPa into atmospheres atm:

atm=kPa101.325\text{atm} = \frac{\text{kPa}}{101.325}


  • atm\text{atm} - Atmospheric pressure; and
  • kPa\text{kPa} - Pressure in kilopascals.

And if you want to do it the other way round, this is what the formula would look like:

kPa=atm×101.325\text{kPa} = \text{atm} \times 101.325

Carry out the kPa to atm conversion

Converting between units may sound intimidating but couldn't have been simpler. All you need to know is the conversion factor between your units of choice and the rest is a piece of cake.

By following these steps you can convert kPa to atm:

  1. Note down the pressure value in kPa, e.g., 1300
  2. Divide the value by the conversion factor, i.e., 101.325.
  3. And you'll get your result in atmospheres, which in our case is 12.83 atm.

Using our kPa to atm converter

It's very easy to utilize our efficient kPa to atm converter. All you need to know is the measurement in kPa that you want converted to atmospheric pressure (atm). The tool will handle the rest.

  1. Input your measurement in kPa.
  2. And our converter will provide you with a precise equivalent of in atm.
  3. To make things better, you can use the tool as atm to kPa calculator as well.
  4. And then to top it off, you have the option of choosing between many other pressure units as well.

Let's take a look at an example. If you enter 354.6375 kPa the converter will tell you that it equals 3.5 atm.

Like wise if you were to input 36 atm in one field, you'll get 3647.7 kPa in the other.

The family of pressure calculating tools

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