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MPa to psig Conversion

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How to use the MPa to psig converter?MPa to psig formulaConvert 6 MPa to psigPressure conversion familyFAQs

The MPa to psig conversion tool is here to help you not only convert between the mentioned units of pressure, but it also has a long list of units to choose from. We know how to take care of all the conversion enthusiasts out there.

The following article will comprise of but not limited to:

  • MPa to psig formula;
  • Converting 6 mpa to psig.

How to use the MPa to psig converter?

psig is pressure in pounds per square inch, with respect to the atmospheric pressure. It is also known as gauge pressure. MPa stands for megapascals, pascals being the SI unit of pressure.

The MPa to psig conversion tool is one of the most efficient tools you will ever use to convert between significant pressure units. It allows you to enter pressure measurements in your unit of choosing and will give you the conversion instantly.

Let's take a look at the steps to use the converter.

  1. Input the amount of pressure in MPa, megapascals.
  2. The result is the pressure value in pounds per square inch guage, psig.
  3. One more thing: you can use it the other way around. As well as choose any unit of pressure to convert from the given unit list.

MPa to psig formula

Converting between different pressure units comes in handy based on their applicability. So, now would be the perfect time to discuss the conversion formula.

The conversion factor between MPa and psig is approximately 130.342 or 130.3418, to be exact.

  • Convert MPa to psig
    To convert megapascals to gauge pressure, use the formula:

    psig=MPa×130.3418\text{psig} = \text{MPa} \times 130.3418

    So, all you have to do is multiply the amount in megapascals by the conversion factor, and you have the result in psig.

  • Convert psig to MPa
    To convert from pounds per square inch gauge to megapascals, you may use the following formula:

    MPa=psig /130.3418\text{MPa} = \text{psig } / 130.3418

    No matter what amount you have in psig, dividing it by the conversion factor will convert it to megapascals.

Convert 6 MPa to psig

How about we consider a working example?

Suppose you want to convert a pressure measurement of 6 MPa to psig. You enter the value in the tool. The result is 855.53 psi855.53 \text{ psi}.

And if you prefer doing it by hand, use the formula:

psig=MPa×130.3418=6×130.3418=855.53 psig\begin{align*} \text{psig}& = \text{MPa} \times 130.3418 \\ &= 6 \times 130.3418 \\ &= 855.53 \text{ psig} \end{align*}

Pressure conversion family

Now that you understand how convenient our MPa to psig conversion tool is, let us bring your attention to the vast family of pressure unit converters we have at Omni.


Can I convert megapascals to psig?

Yes, you can easily convert any measurement in megapascals to pounds per square inch gauge.

  1. Note down the amount in MPa that you want to convert.
  2. Multiply it by the conversion factor, 130.3418.
  3. The result is the measurement in psig, pounds per square inch gauge.

You can also take assistance from Omni's MPa to psig conversion tool.

How much is 300 psig in MPa?

300 psig in MPa is equal to 2.169753. You can easily convert measurements from one pressure unit to another. All you need to know is the conversion factor, i.e., 130.3418.

The formula to convert MPa to psig is:

psig = MPa × 130.3418

And the formula to convert the other way around is:

MPa = psig / 130.3418

Substituting the value from above:

MPa = 300 / 130.3418

MPa = 2.169753.

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