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Welcome to the grams to fl oz converter, a tool created to calculate the fluid ounces in the grams of any substance. We're sure this tool will be handy if you're cooking and baking, as recipes often ask to measure the ingredients in either grams or fluid ounces (fl oz).

By default, this tool uses US customary fluid ounces, but you can also convert from grams to fluid oz of the imperial system (UK fl oz).

Converting from grams to fl oz by hand

Before starting with the grams to fluid ounces calculation, you must be clear about two things:

  • The gram (g) is a unit of mass, just like kilograms or pounds; and
  • The fl oz is a unit of volume, like liters, cubic centimeters(cm³ or cc), or gallons.

The best way to convert from grams to fluid oz is by following these two steps:

  1. Find the volume in cubic centimeters (cm³); and
  2. Convert the volume in cm³ to fl oz.

1. Volume in cm³

To find the volume in cm³, divide the mass (number of grams) by the density (in grams per cm³):

Volume[cm3]=Mass[g]Density[g/cm3]\small \mathrm{Volume [cm^3] = \frac{Mass [g]}{Density [g/cm^3]}}

2. Converting from cm³ to fl oz

To convert from cm³ to US fluid ounces, divide the number of cm³ by 29.574

Volume[US fl oz]=Volume[cm3]29.574\small \mathrm{Volume [US\ fl\ oz] = \frac{Volume [cm^3]}{29.574}}

To convert from cm³ to UK fluid ounces, instead, divide it by 28.413

Volume[UK fl oz]=Volume[cm3]28.413\small \mathrm{Volume [UK\ fl\ oz] = \frac{Volume [cm^3]}{28.413}}

Expressing the density in terms of g/cm³

To convert from grams to fl oz by hand, the density must be in g/cm³, one of the most common density units. In case your density is in other units, you can use the following conversion factors:

Density [g/cm³] = Density [kg/m³] × 0.001;

Density [g/cm³] = Density [lb/ft³] × 0.01601846;

Density [g/cm³] = Density [g/ml] (yes, the density is g/mL is the same as in g/cm³);

Density [g/cm³] = Density [lb/in³] × 27.6799;

Density [g/cm³] = Density [lb/US gal] × 0.1198264

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How many grams are in a fluid ounce?

The number of grams in a US fluid ounce will depend on the substance:

  • There are 31.35 grams in a fluid ounce of evaporated milk;
  • 30.46 grams in a fluid ounce of fresh milk;
  • 29.574 grams in an fl oz of water;
  • 17.744 grams in an fl oz of wheat flour; and
  • A sugar fl oz converted to grams equals 25 grams;

How many grams are in 12 fl oz of evaporated milk?

There are about 376 grams in 12 fl oz of evaporated milk.

That's almost the same as there would be in 12 fl oz of fresh milk (365.5 grams), as the density of both kinds of milk is very similar.

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