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Welcome to the gallons-to-tons converter, a tool created to perform volume-to-mass conversions between the different types of gallons and tons. Use it and discover:

  • How many gallons are in any number of tons of a substance; or
  • How many tons are in any gallons.

To convert between gallons and tons, we must consider the density. Therefore, to use this gallons-to-tons converter, select the type of substance you're dealing with. If the material is not on the list, input the density yourself.

The formula to convert from gallons to tons

To calculate the tons for a number of gallons, multiply the density (in tons per gallon) by the volume of substance (the number of gallons):

Mass[tons]=Density[ton/gal]×Volume[gal]\footnotesize \begin{gather*}\rm Mass\\[-5px]\rm [tons] \end{gather*} = \begin{gather*}\rm Density\\[-5px]\rm [ton/gal] \end{gather*} \times \begin{gather*}\rm Volume\\[-5px]\rm [gal] \end{gather*}

For example, let's see how many tons are in 28,000 US gallons of water, whose density is 0.0041727 US ton/US gal:

Mass[tons]=0.0041727 ton/gal×28000 gal=116.84 ton\footnotesize \begin{split} \begin{gather*}\rm Mass\\[-5px]\rm [tons] \end{gather*} &= \mathrm{0.0041727\ ton\!/\!gal \times 28000\ gal} \\ &= \text{116.84 ton} \end{split}

🙋 You must use the same type of tons and the same type of gallons across a formula. For example, you cannot use UK gallons for the density and US gallons for the volume.

To do the opposite and calculate the gallons for the tons of a substance, divide the mass by the density:

Volume[gal]=Mass[tons]Density[ton/gal]\footnotesize \mathrm{Volume [gal] = \frac{Mass [tons]}{Density [ton/gal]}}

For example, let's find the gallons in 28 US tons of water:

Volume[gal]=28 tons0.0041727 ton/gal=6710 gal\footnotesize \begin{split} \begin{gather*}\rm Volume\\[-5px]\rm [gal] \end{gather*} &= \mathrm{\frac{28\ tons}{0.0041727\ ton/gal}} \\ &= \text{6710 gal} \end{split}

Expressing density as ton/gal

You can input any density units in the gallons-to-tons converter, which will handle them properly. Alternatively, you'll need the density expressed in tons per gallon to use the formulas above.

To convert the density to US tons per US gallon, you can use the following conversion factors:

Density [ton/gal] = Density [kg/m³] × 4.1727 × 10⁻⁶

Density [ton/gal] = Density [lb/ft³] × 6.68403 × 10⁻⁵

Density [ton/gal] = Density [g/cm³] × 0.0041727

Density [ton/gal] = Density [lb/in³] × 0.1155

Density [ton/gal] = Density [lb/gal] × 0.0005

For example, let's express the water density (62.43 lb/ft³) in terms of tons per gallon:

Density [ton/gal] = 62.43 × 6.68403 × 10⁻⁵ ton/gal

Density [ton/gal] = 0.004172 ton/gal

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How many gallons are in a ton?

The number of US gallons in a ton will depend on the substance and type of ton (US vs. metric):

  • There are 240 gallons in a US ton of water;
  • 286 gallons in a US ton of diesel fuel;
  • 315 gallons in a metric ton of diesel fuel;
  • Between 266 and 300 gallons in a US ton of crude oil; and
  • Between 294 and 330 gallons in a metric ton of crude oil.

How many gallons are in a ton of water?

There are 239.65 US gallons in a US ton of water. For a metric ton of water, there will be 264.17 US gallons.

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