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mL to lbs Conversion

Created by Luis Hoyos
Reviewed by Komal Rafay
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Welcome to our calculator for mL to lbs conversion, a tool created to instantly go from the milliliters to the pounds of a substance. You can use it to know how many mL are in some pounds of water, butter, oil, or any other ingredient or material.

To use this lbs-to-mL converter, select the category and substance, input the volume in mL, and the conversion to pounds will appear. If your material is missing from the list, feel free to forget about the list of substances and input the density by yourself!

The formula for mL to lbs conversion

To calculate the lbs from the mL of a substance, multiply the number of mL by the density in lb per mL:

Numberof pounds=Numberof mL×Density(in lb/mL)\footnotesize \begin{gather*}\rm Number\\[-5px]\rm of\ pounds \end{gather*} = \begin{gather*}\rm Number\\[-5px]\rm of\ mL \end{gather*} \times \begin{gather*}\rm Density\\[-5px]\rm (in\ lb/mL) \end{gather*}

The formula for pounds to mL conversion

To do the opposite and convert from pounds to mL, divide the number of lbs by the density in lb per mL:

Numberof mL=Number of poundsDensity (in lb/mL)\footnotesize \begin{gather*}\rm Number\\[-5px]\rm of\ mL \end{gather*} = \frac{\text{Number of pounds}}{\text{Density (in lb/mL)}}

Expressing density in lb/mL units

If most cases, the density of the substance will not be in lb/mL, as it's an uncommon density unit. You can select among many units in the lbs-to-mL converter, but, to use the formulas above, you must use lb/mL.

To express the density into lb/mL, use the following conversion factors:

Density [lb/mL] = Density [kg/m³] × 2.2046 × 10⁻⁶;
Density [lb/mL] = Density [g/cm³] × 0.00220462;
Density [lb/mL] = Density [g/mL] × 0.00220462;
Density [lb/mL] = Density [lb/in³] × 0.0610237;
Density [lb/mL] = Density [lb/gal] × 0.000264172.

🙋 For example, if the density is in g/cm³, multiply it by 0.00220462. The result will be the density in lb/mL.

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How many mL are in an lb?

The number of mL in an lb will depend on the substance:

  • There are 453.6 mL in an lb of water;
  • 473 mL in an lb of butter;
  • 515.4 mL in an lb of cooking oil;
  • 536.8 mL in an lb of sugar; and
  • 756 mL in an lb of wheat flour.

For other substances or amounts, use our mL-to-lbs conversion tool.

How many mL are in a pound of water?

A pound of water has 453.6 mL. However, it can vary slightly with the temperature and composition. For example, a pound of 3% salt water has 440.4 mL.

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