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Created by Luis Hoyos
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Welcome to the cubic feet to pounds calculator, a tool created to convert the cubic feet to the lbs of any substance of known density.

To use this cubic feet-to-pounds converter, select the substance and input the number of cubic feet. Then, the tool will provide you with the corresponding number of pounds. You can also do the opposite and input the number of pounds for its conversion to cubic feet.

The formula for cubic feet to pound calculation

To convert from cubic feet to lbs, we multiply the density in pounds per cubic foot by the number of cubic feet.

Numberof pounds=Numberof ft3×Density(in lb/ft3)\footnotesize \begin{gather*}\rm Number\\[-5px]\rm of\ pounds \end{gather*} = \begin{gather*}\rm Number\\[-5px]\rm of\ ft^3 \end{gather*} \times \begin{gather*}\rm Density\\[-5px]\rm (in\ lb/ft^3) \end{gather*}

To calculate the cubic feet from the pounds (the opposite process), divide the density by the number of pounds:

Numberof ft3=Number of poundsDensity(in lb/ft3)\footnotesize \begin{gather*}\rm Number\\[-5px]\rm of\ ft^3 \end{gather*} = \frac{\text{Number of pounds}}{\mathrm{Density (in\ lb/ft^3)}}

Expressing density in terms of pounds and cubic foot

In our cubic feet to pounds converter, you can select between different density units according to our needs.

Conversely, to use the formulas above, you must input the density in lb/ft³. In case it's in other units, you can use the following conversion factors:

  • Density [lb/ft³] = Density [kg/m³] × 0.06243;
  • Density [lb/ft³] = Density [g/cm³] × 62.43;
  • Density [lb/ft³] = Density [g/mL] × 62.43;
  • Density [lb/ft³] = Density [lb/in³] × 1728;
  • Density [lb/ft³] = Density [lb/gal] × 7.48.

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How many pounds are in a cubic foot?

The number of pounds in a cubic foot will depend on the substance:

  • There are between 69 and 100 pounds in a cubic foot of dry soil;
  • 149.83 pounds in a cubic foot of concrete;
  • 490.1 pounds in a cubic foot of steel.
  • About 94.58 pounds in a cubic foot of sand; and
  • 62.43 pounds in a cubic foot of water.

For other substances or amounts, use our cubic feet-to-pounds conversion tool.

How much does a cubic foot of water weigh?

A cubic foot of water weighs 62.43 pounds or 28.317 kilograms. Even so, it can vary slightly with the temperature and composition. For example, a cubic foot of 3% salt water weighs 64.3 pounds.

How many pounds are 5 cubic feet of sand?

In five cubic feet of dry sand, there are about 471 pounds.

The exact answer will depend on the sand density, which can vary from 1.51 to 1.64 g/cm³, corresponding to a range of 471-512 pounds of sand for five cubic feet.

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