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Last updated: May 04, 2023

Welcome to the liters to pounds conversion calculator, where we make converting between these two units quick and easy!

To use this tool, select the substance you're dealing with and the number of liters, and we'll convert it to pounds. If the substance is not on the list, input the density yourself!

The liters to lbs conversion is frequent in many fields, such as cooking, science, and engineering. Apart from converting volume into mass, you can use this tool to increase measurement accuracy, as mass measurement devices are usually more accurate than volume measurement tools.

Do you want to learn more? Keep reading this article, where we explain the formulas to convert from liters to pounds.

Liters to pounds conversion

This calculator relies on the widely known mass-density-volume formula:

Mass = Density × Volume

To convert from L to pounds, multiply the density (in pounds per liter) by the volume (number of liters):

Mass [lb] = Density [lb/L] × Volume [L]

lbs to liters conversion

For the liters-to-pounds conversion, divide the mass (in pounds) by the density (in pounds per liter):

Volume [L] = Mass [lb]/Density [lb/L]

Expressing density as lb/L

It could be that the density of your substance is not in lb/L. That's fine for our liters-to-pounds converter, as you can input any unit, and it will handle it properly.

But if you want to use the formulas above, you must know the density in lb/L. Here are some conversion factors that may be useful for this:

  • Density [lb/L] = Density [kg/m³] × 0.00220462;
  • Density [lb/L] = Density [g/cm³] × 2.20462;
  • Density [lb/L] = Density [g/mL] × 2.20462;
  • Density [lb/L] = Density [lb/in³] × 61.0237;
  • Density [lb/L] = Density [lb/gal] × 0.264172.

For example, if the density is in g/cm³, multiply it by 2.20462, which will be the density in lb/L.


How many pounds are 5 liters of fat?

There are 10.137 pounds in 5 L of fat, as the density of fat is 0.9196 kg/L:

  • Mass = Density × Volume.
  • Mass = 0.9196 kg/L × 5 L.
  • Mass = 4.598 kg = 10.137 lb.

How many pounds are in 10 liters?

The number of pounds in 10 liters will depend on the substance:

  • There are 22.046 pounds in 10 liters of water;
  • 20.274 pounds in 10 liters of fat;
  • About 35.32 pounds in 10 liters of sand;
  • About 0.04149 pounds in 10 liters of propane gas at sea level and 20 °C; and
  • 13.228 pounds in 10 liters of wheat flour.
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