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Last updated: Jun 30, 2023

Welcome to the cubic meters to tons converter, a tool created to convert volume measurements to weight measurements. This is the perfect tool if you're working with enormous amounts of materials and need to know their weight based on their volume.

You probably want to convert cubic meters to metric tons, but it doesn't end here! You can also convert them to US short tons, imperial long tons, kilograms, and pounds. Select the unit to the right of the weight, and switch between them.

Converting cubic meters to tons by hand

To calculate the mass in tons, we multiply the density (in tons per m³) by the volume (number of cubic meters).

Mass[tons]=Density[ton/m3]×Volume[m3]\footnotesize \begin{gather*}\rm Mass\\[-5px]\rm [tons] \end{gather*} = \begin{gather*}\rm Density\\[-3px]\rm [ton/m^3] \end{gather*} \times \begin{gather*}\rm Volume\\[-5px]\rm [m^3] \end{gather*}

To do the opposite and convert from tons to cubic meters, we divide the mass in tons by the density (in tons per m³):

Volume[m3]=Mass[tons]Density[ton/m3]\footnotesize \mathrm{Volume [m^3] = \frac{Mass [tons]}{Density [ton/m^3]}}

🙋 Remember, there are three types of tons:

  • The short ton, also known as the US ton, which equals 2,000 pounds;
  • Long ton, also known as imperial ton or UK ton, which equals 2,240 pounds; and
  • The metric ton, also known as "tonne", whose equivalent is 1,000 kg.

When using the formulas above, you must be careful about those types of tons:

  • For the first formula: The tons of the mass will be the same type as those of the density. For example, if the input density is metric tons per m³ (and the volume in m³), the resulting mass will be metric ton units.
  • For the second formula: The tons from the mass must be the same type as those of the density. For example, the resulting volume will be wrong if the input density is in metric tons per m³ and the input mass is in US tons.

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How many cubic meters are in 1 ton?

The number of cubic meters (m³) in a ton will depend on the substance:

  • For water, there's one cubic meter in a metric ton and 0.9072 cubic meters per US short ton;
  • For seawater, there are 0.9756 m³ per metric ton and 0.885 m³ per US short ton;
  • For soil, there's between 0.625-0.9091 m³ per metric ton and between 0.567-0.8247 m³ per US short ton; and
  • For sand, there are 0.6623 cubic meters in a metric ton and 0.6008 m³ per US short ton.

What's the density of water in tons per cubic meter?

The density of water is one metric ton per cubic meter (1 t/m³), which equals 1.1023 US short tons/m³ or 0.9842 UK long tons/m³.

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