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Here's our gal to kg converter, where you can quickly convert gallons of water to kg and kilograms of water into gallons.

In the following article, we will tell you how many kg are in 1 gallon of water and how to use our calculator and convert gallon to kg manually, along with a little about the SI standards.

Gal to kg converter

In our gallon to kg conversion tool, there are three fields:

  • Gallons
    You may enter the number of gallons (gal) you wish to convert into kilograms (kg).

  • Kg
    Or you may enter the number of kilograms (kg) that you wish to convert into gallons (gal).

  • Density (advanced)
    Click the advanced mode to change the unit volume mass of your material substance. The default value is set for water, i.e., 1 kg/l.

For example, if you want to find how many kg are in a gallon of water, enter 1 in the kilograms field, and you will get 3.79 gallons.

Here's another example for converting gallons to kilograms:

If you have 5 gallons of water and want to convert that into kg, enter 5 in the gallons field, and you will get 18.93 kilograms.

If you want to convert quantities for materials with different densities, check out our incredible gallon to kg converter of various items with given densities.

How to convert gallon to kg manually?

For manual gallon to kg conversion, you may use the following formula:

  • kg = gal × 3.7854 × density


  • kg - Number of kilograms;
  • gal - Number of gallons; and
  • density - specific mass per unit volume of the substance.

Similarly, if you are wondering how to convert kg to a gallon, we can rewrite the formula as:

  • gal = kg / 3.7854 × density

Since we're converting weight into volume, knowing the density of different materials is crucial.

💡 The maximum density of water is almost 1 kg/l for 4 °C (39.2 °F). For room temperature, it is 0.998 kg/l.

What is International System of Units (SI)?

The International System of Units (SI), also called the metric system, is the international standard for unit measurement of:

  • length in meters;
  • mass in kilograms;
  • time in seconds;
  • electric current in ampere;
  • temperature in kelvin;
  • luminous intensity in candela; and
  • amount of substance in moles.


How do I convert gal to kg?

For converting gallon to kilogram, use the formula:

kg = gal × 3.7854 × density


  • kg - number of kilograms;
  • gal - number of gallons; and
  • density - specific mass per unit volume of the substance.

How many kg are in a gallon of water?

There are 3.79 kilograms in a gallon of water. To find out how many kg are in 1 gallon of water, we can use the formula:

kg = gal × 3.7854 × density

Here, the density is of the water is approximately 1 kg/l.

How many gallons are there in 10 kg?

There are 2.64 gallons in 10 kg, assuming the density of water is 1 kg/l. For converting kg to a gallon of water, you can use the formula:

gal = kg / 3.7854 × density

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