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The tsp to grams converter helps you easily convert a teaspoon measure to its gram-equivalent for a number of substances. This is especially useful in cooking or baking when you want to know how much sugar or salt you need in grams, based on a recipe. Read on to know more about how to easily convert from teaspoons to grams, along with specific examples! You can also use this tool for the conversion from grams to tsp.

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How many grams are in a teaspoon?

The answer varies depending on the substance being measured. Gram is a measure of mass, while a teaspoon is a measure of volume. So the conversion from tsp to g involves the conversion from volume to mass and hence will depend on the density of the substance, and is based on the following equation:

Mass = Density × Volume

If we consider water, then 1 teaspoon of water will measure 5 g.

How do I use the tsp to grams converter?

To convert tsp to grams, you may do the following:

  1. Select the category to which your substance belongs (e.g., food, metals, gases, etc.).
  2. Select the specific substance from the dropdown.
  3. Some substances such as oil or flour can have different types, so in such cases, select the type of the substance from the available options.
  4. Tada! The density of the substance is displayed! On the off-chance that you have some substance whose density you know, but you don't know WHAT that substance is (super weird to have something and not know what it is 🤪), feel free to key in the density value directly!
  5. The last thing you need to do is enter the quantity of the substance in teaspoons.
  6. Our tsp to grams converter will magically show you how many grams there are in the teaspoon measure of the substance! Who needs kitchen scales anymore, right? 😉

You can also convert from grams to tsp by entering the grams measure of the substance! This will help you figure out how to measure 1 gram in teaspoons.

Other conversion calculators

You may not always want to know how much is a teaspoon in grams. Sometimes, you may want to convert between quantities in entirely different units of measurement! So to help you with such conversions, these are some of the other tools you can make use of:


How do I convert 1 tsp sugar to grams?

To know how to convert grams of sugar to teaspoons, we'd need the type of sugar -

  • For granulated sugar, 1 tsp is equivalent to 4.225 g;
  • For powdered sugar, 1 tsp is equivalent to 2.8 g; and
  • For brown sugar, 1 tsp is equivalent to 4 g;

Using this, you can find out how many grams of sugar are in a tsp.

How many grams are in a teaspoon of salt?

6.085 g. 1 tsp of salt weighs approximately 6 grams. Knowing the density of salt, we can convert the teaspoon measure to grams as follows -

  1. Find the teaspoon measure of the salt to get its volume.
  2. The density of salt is 1.217 grams per cubic cm, which translates to 6.085 grams per tsp.
  3. So there are 6 grams in a teaspoon of salt!
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