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Welcome to the ml to tsp converter where you can easily convert any volume in milliliters to teaspoons. Wondering how much is 40 ml in teaspoons or what's the 10 ml to tsp conversion? This tool will instantly give you the answer. Keep reading and you'll also find:

  • The simple step-by-step on how to convert ml to tsp; and
  • A ml to tsp conversion table filled with the most commonly used amounts.

How to use the ml to tsp converter?

To use this tool, simply enter the volume in milliliters (ml) that you'd like to know in teaspoons (tsp), and the converter will show you the tsp result in the row below, simple right? 😉
Give it a try! For example, if we'd like to perform the conversion of 10 ml to tsp, what's the converter's output? If it's 2 tsp, you've just mastered this converter.

How do I convert ml to tsp?

To go from milliliters (ml) to teaspoons (tsp), we follow some simple steps:

  1. Use the conversion factor of 5 milliliters per metric teaspoon, 5 ml = 1 tsp.
  2. Divide the volume in ml that you'd like to convert by 5 ml. i.e., if we'd like to convert 40 ml to tsp, 40 ml / 5 ml = 8.
  3. Include unit's symbol tsp after your result. i.e., 8 tsp.

🙋 The US teaspoon is slightly smaller than the metric teaspoon. With a measure of 4.93 ml, the difference is so tiny that you can still use our converter even if you don't have non-metric teaspoons at home.

ml to tsp conversion table

In this ml to conversion table, you'll find some of the most popular conversions from milliliters to metric teaspoons:

Milliliters [ml]

Teaspoons [tsp]

























Other volumen conversion tools

Now that you know all about converting ml to tsp, maybe you're interested in learning about other volume conversions, we invite you to take a look at more of our tools:


How much is 40 ml in teaspoons?

8 teaspoons. You can check this result yourself by using the conversion factor of 5 ml = 1 tsp. i.e. 40 ml x (1 tsp / 5 ml) = 8 tsp .

How do I convert 10 ml to tsp?

Divide by 5 ml to go from ml to tsp. Remember that every metric teaspoon corresponds to 5 milliliters, 5 ml = 1 tsp. Using this conversion factor, you'll get that 10 milliliters is equal to 2 teaspoons.

How many ml is equal to 1/4 tsp?

1.25 ml. You can get this result by using the conversion factor of 5 ml = 1 tsp and multiplying by the required amount, 1/4 tsp in this case. i.e. 5 (ml / tsp) x 1/4 tsp = 1.25 ml .

Gabriela Diaz
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