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Cups to Oz Converter

Created by Komal Rafay
Reviewed by Davide Borchia
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Our cups to oz converter is a one-stop tool for you if you are looking to convert units of volume. The tool allows you to convert cups to oz and vice versa.
The conversion from cups to ounces can come in handy for many measurements. Whether you are making Sunday morning pancakes or baking a pizza for your next pizza party, you won't have to wonder how to convert oz to cups. We've got your back.

Cups to oz converter

The cups to oz converter is a one-stop tool for you to convert the volume of any liquid. Whether it's water, oil, or milk, you can enter the amount in one unit and get the answer in the other.
Yup! it is that simple.
If you want to follow some steps on how to use the calculator, which won't be many, here is how you use it:

  1. Input the value of the ingredients in cups.
  2. As a result, the tool will display the amount in US fluid ounces (oz).

But wait, you can do that in reverse too. Enter the amount in oz and get the result in cups.
And to top it all, you have a list of other volume units to switch.

How to convert cups to oz?

The volume conversion between various measurement units is independent of density, or any other factor and hence requires simple conversion methods.
Let's look at two ways to convert between cups and ounces.

  • Convert cups to oz
    When you have a quantity measured in cups, and you wish to convert it to ounces, you may use the following formula:
    oz=cups×8\text{oz} = \text{cups} × 8
    So, all you have to do is multiply the amount in cups by 8. You have your answer in US fluid ounces.
    This implies that 1 cup is equal to 8 fl. oz..
    For instance, you have 3 cups of oil, and you are curious to know how much is it in ounces. Multiply 3 by 8, and you have 24 fl. oz. of oil.

  • Convert oz to cups
    The next scenario is when you a quantity measured in ounces but you would like to know it in terms of cups. You may use the formula:
    cups=oz/8\text{cups} = \text{oz} / 8
    You see, nothing is left to guessing. You have a fool-proof method to convert ounces to cups.
    For example, you have 32 oz32\ \text{oz} of cream and want to make sure if it is equal to 4 cups4\ \text{cups} or not. You can easily divide 32 by 8 and confirm that 32 oz is indeed equal to 4 cups.


How many cups are there in 62 oz?

There are 7.7 cups in 62 oz.
The conversion from ounces (oz) to cups is so easy, you can do it at your fingertips.
cups = oz / 8
So, if you divide 62 by 8, you get your amount in cups, i.e, 7.7 cups.

How do I convert 3 cups to ounces?

3 cups are equal to 24 ounces.
The simplest way to convert cups to ounces is to multiply the amount in cups by 8, and you have your result in ounces.
Hence the formula is:
oz = cups × 8

You can even do this calculation the other way round if you have a quantity in ounces and convert it to cups. All you have to do is divide the amount in ounces by 8.
cups = oz / 8

Are there 16 ounces in a cup?

No, there are 8 ounces in a cup. That means 16 ounces are actually equal to 2 cups.
The formula to convert from oz(ounces) to cups is:
cups = oz / 8

No matter what quantity you have in fluid ounces you can convert it to cups by diving it by 8.

Komal Rafay
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