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The name says it all, our l to gal converter will convert any quantity in liter to gallon and gallon to liter. Yes, it works both ways, for your convenience.
Not only will you learn how to convert l to gal and vice versa, but we'll share some amazing volume converters, that will surely come in handy for you.

L to gal converter

The l to gal converter is a tool that converts the volume of liquids. In this case, the specific units are liters and gallons. But that doesn't mean the tool is limited to just that. You have a list of other units to choose from as well.
A liter is the volume measurement in the metric system, while a gallon is the volume measurement in the imperial system. Since both measure the volume of a substance, the only thing required to convert from one to the other is the conversion ratio.

To use the tool you can enter either of the two values, l (liter) or gal (gallon), and the result will be the other value.
Let's suppose you enter 38 liters38\ \text{liters}, our tool with determine the gallons to be 10 gals10\ \text{gals}.

🤯 Did you know that gallon was originally used to measure wine and ale, and the wine measurement is the base of the US fluid gallon that we use today?

How to convert l to gal?

It is interesting to know that a gallon is equal to 4 quarts or 8 pints, or 16 cups.

  • Convert l to gal
    The conversion from l to gal is so simple that you can do it at the tips of your fingers.
    gal=l/3.8\text{gal} = \text{l} / 3.8
    All you have to do is divide the quantity given in liters by 3.83.8, and you have your amount in gal.
    For instance, you want to convert 4 liters into gallons.
    Divide 44 by 3.83.8 and your answer is 1.2 gal1.2\ \text{gal}.

  • Convert gal to l
    Now, if you want to convert from gallons to liters, you might be curious to know how many liters are there in the gallon of that ketchup you purchase at the supermarket.
    Again the conversion is a piece of cake.
    l=gal×3.8\text{l} = \text{gal} × 3.8
    All you have to do is multiply the quantity in gal (gallon) by 3.83.8, and you have your answer in l (liter).
    For instance, you want to convert 2 gallons of Nutella into liters. Multiply 22 by 3.83.8 and you have 7.6 l7.6\ \text {l}.


How many gallons are there in 7 liters?

There are 1.85 gallons in 7 liters.
Liter is the unit of volume in the metric system, whereas gallon is the unit of volume in the imperial system.

The formula to convert from liters to gallons is:
gal = l / 3.8

So, all you have to do is divide the amount in liters by 3.8, and you have the amount converted into gallons.

How many liters are in 3 gallons?

There are 11.4 l in 3 gallons.
The conversion from gallons to liters is straightforward. You may multiply the value in gallons by 3.8, and you have your result in liters.
The formula looks like this:
l = gal × 3.8

How do I convert 45 liters to gallons?

45 liters are equal to 12 gallons.
The formula to convert from liters to gallons is:
gal = l / 3.8
To convert 45 l to gal, follow the steps:

  1. Divide 45 by 3.8.
  2. Your result is 12 gallons.

That's it. It honestly is effortless.

Komal Rafay
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