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Our quarts to pounds conversion tool can help you figure out the relation between the volume of ingredients and their mass.

Have you found a recipe that lists ingredients in pounds and is difficult to follow without a scale? Or are you just curious to know how many pounds is a quart of milk? Then our quart (qt) to pounds (lb) converter is the right tool for you. Just choose the substance and enter its volume, and we will convert quarts to pounds (qt to lb) for you. Quarts to lbs conversion made easy!

You can also check out our pounds to cups calculator or gallons to pounds calculator if you want to explore more options.

Measuring in quarts and pounds — what is the difference?

Both quarts and pounds are units of measurement used in British imperial and the United States customary measurement systems. A quart (qt) is a unit of volume and equals a quarter of a gallon. If you don't know what a gallon is, our gallon calculator is the right place to start.

We currently use three kinds of quarts:

  • Liquid quart of the US customary system: It is basically a quarter of a US liquid gallon, or about 0.9464 liters.

  • Dry quart of the US customary system: It is about a quarter of a US dry gallon, or about 1.1012 liters.

  • Imperial quart: It is used for both liquid and dry volume measurements. It is equal to a quarter of an imperial gallon, or about 1.1365 liters.

A pound (lb) is a unit of measuring mass. One pound is approximately equal to 0.4536 Kilogram.

How to convert quarts to pounds?

Since quarts is a unit of volume and pounds is a unit of mass, to convert one into another, we need to use a simple equation:

mass=density×volume\small \rm mass = density \times volume

We will consider a simple example of converting 1 quart of water to pounds to understand this. We know that the density of water at room temperature (20°C) is around 62.28 lb/cu.ft and 1 cubic foot is about 29.92 quarts. Therefore, we can express the density of water as:

Density=62.28 lb/cuft×129.92 cuft/qt=2.1 lb/qt\scriptsize \begin{align*} \rm Density &= \rm 62.28 \ lb/cu \cdot ft \times \frac{1}{29.92} \ cu \cdot ft/qt \\ &= \rm 2.1\ lb/qt \end{align*}

This means that the mass of 1 quart of water is:

mass=2.1 lb/qt×1 qt=2.1 lb\scriptsize \rm mass = 2.1\ lb/qt \times 1 \ qt = 2.1 \ lb

Let's look at another example: maple syrup. The 1 quart to lbs calculation is:

mass=2.8 lb/qt×1 qt=2.8 lb\scriptsize \rm mass = 2.8\ lb/qt \times 1 \ qt = 2.8 \ lb

How to use quarts to pound conversion calculator?

Let us see how we can convert quarts to pounds using our quarts to pound conversion calculator.

  1. Use the drop-down menu to choose the ingredient for which you want to convert quarts (qt) to pounds (lbs).

  2. Enter the volume in quarts. If you want to convert dry quarts to pounds, you can switch by using the drop-down menu.

  3. The quarts to pounds conversion tool will display the resulting mass in pounds.

  4. You can also use this calculator to convert pounds into quarts (lbs to qt)!

  5. If you want to enter the density of ingredients manually, you can do so by using the advanced mode option.

We also recommend checking our cups to pounds calculator.


How many pounds is 1 quart of water?

About two pounds. The density of water at 4°C is about 8.34 lb/gal, i.e., 1 gallon of water weights 8.34 pounds. A quart is equal to a quarter of a gallon, hence, 1 quart of water is about 8.34 / 4 = 2.085 lb.

How many pounds does 4 quarts of milk hold?

8.6 pounds. The weight of one gallon, i.e., four quarts of whole milk, is about 8.6 lb.

How many dry quarts in a pound of sugar?

About 0.5 dry qt. One US dry quart of granulated sugar weighs 2.05 lb. Therefore, the volume of one pound of sugar is 1 / 2.05 = 0.5 dry qt.

What does 1 quart of oil weigh in lbs?

1.9 pounds. One gallon of vegetable oil weighs about 7.7 pounds. Hence a quart of oil weighs 7.7 / 4 = 1.9 lb.

How do I convert 8 quarts to pounds?

To convert 8 quarts to pounds, follow the given instruction:

  1. Find the density of the ingredient in pounds per gallon (lb/gal).
  2. Multiply 8 quarts with the density.
  3. Congrats! You have converted 8 quarts to pounds.
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