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RMS to Watts Converter

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What are RMS watts?What can I use the RMS to watts converter for?Watts RMS vs. peak watts - the formulaFAQs

You can use our RMS to watts converter to switch between the values of root mean square watts (RMS watts) and watts (W). Depending on your needs, you can also use it the other way around as a watt to RMS calculator.

Read on to find out what watts RMS means, which watts to RMS conversion formula we use, and check a few examples regarding the RMS vs. watts computation. While you're here, be sure to visit the RMS voltage calculator to learn about a similar topic related to voltage!

What are RMS watts?

RMS watts (RMS - root mean square) express the continuous power handling of electric devices, e.g., speakers. Usually, RMS values are lower than peak wattage values, but they represent what a device can actually handle. You could say that RMS is the average power that the speaker can play with on a daily basis without compromising sound quality.

Are you currently working on a project in electronics? Check the bridge rectifier calculator to see how you can convert AC to DC supply voltage using diodes! The breaker size calculator is another option to explore and learn about protecting your electrical devices.

What can I use the RMS to watts converter for?

Once you know the RMS wattage of an electronic device, you can use our watts to RMS watts calculator. You can use it for different things, for example:

  1. To figure out what its maximum wattage will be and what amplifier you need for it.
  2. The other way you can use our RMS to watts converter is to find out what RMS wattage it will safely play at by knowing the device's maximum power.
  3. Finally, you can use the built-in unit switcher if you want to use different wattage units.

Watts RMS vs. peak watts - the formula

We use the following formula of the RMS to watts converter to switch between RMS watts and watts:

W=RMS2RMS×0.7071W = \frac{\mathrm{RMS}}{\sqrt 2} \approx \mathrm{RMS} \times 0.7071


  • RMS\mathrm{RMS} - The root mean square watts;
  • WW - Peak wattage;
  • 2\sqrt 2 - The square root of 2 that we rounded to 1.41421.4142. You can easily compute the square root of any number using the square root calculator.

We talk more about RMS itself in the root mean square calculator. You can find there more theoretical information about calculating RMS from basics. What's important, we assume the source is a pure sine wave - the formula might not work for more complex signals. To find precise RMS vs. peak watts conversion, check the data provided by a manufacturer.

✅ The value of RMS is always lower than peak wattage. So, after converting 1 RMS to watts, you obtain approximately 1.4142 watts. Similarly, a 300 RMS to watts converter gives a great value of peak wattage equal to 424.3 watts.

Now, to find RMS watts from peak wattage, you need to transform the equation accordingly:

RMS=W×2W×1.4142\mathrm{RMS} = W \times \sqrt 2 \approx W \times 1.4142

Example: 1000 RMS is how many watts? Knowing the meaning of RMS watts and its formula, you can find that 1000 RMS equals approximately 1414 watts.


How do I convert 45 RMS to watts?

To convert RMS watts to peak watts, you need to:

  1. Find the RMS watts of your device.
  2. Multiply it by the square root of two.
  3. Alternatively, you can multiply RMS by the approximated value of 1.4142.
  4. By doing that, you get:
    45 RMS watts × 1.4142 ≈ 63.65 watts.

How many RMS is 500 watts?

500 watts in peak equal approximately 353.5 RMS watts. To find it, you need to divide peak wattage by the square root of two or multiply by 0.7071. If you find RMS watts vs. peak watts differentiation problematic, remember the RMS watts are always lower than peak watts.

How many RMS is 1000 watts?

1000 watts equal to approximately 707 RMS watts. You can find this result by dividing 1000 watts by the square root of two, which equals approximately 1.4142. The reciprocal of 1.4142 is 0.7071, so you can also multiply 1000 watts by 0.7071 instead to get the same final RMS value.

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