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No matter what pint to cup conversion task has brought you here, Omni's pints to cups converter is here at your service!

What are pints and cups?

Pints and cups are two customary units of volume, most popular in the US, UK, and Ireland. They are widespread when we talk (or write) about food and drinks: to tell how much beer you drank last night or to explain how much water (or other liquid) or rice is needed in a recipe.

Before we explain how to convert pints to cups, let's mention that pints are often abbreviated as "pt" and cups as "c" or "C". That's why the pint to cup conversion is sometimes denoted briefly as "pt to c" conversion.

How to convert pints to cups?

The relationship between cups and pints and other related units is the following:

1pint=2cups=12quart=18gallon\footnotesize 1\, \textrm{pint} = 2\, \textrm{cups} = \tfrac{1}{2}\, \textrm{quart} = \tfrac{1}{8}\, \textrm{gallon}

As we can see, one pint is equal to two cups, so to convert pints to cups we just need to multiply by 2 the volume in pints to convert it to cups.

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How many cups is 1 pint?

One pint is two cups. To convert pt to c, you need to take the volume in pints and multiply it by the factor of two.

How do I convert half pint to cups?

1/2 pint is 1 cup. This is because 1 pint is 2 cups, so converting 1/2 pint to cups requires the following calculation: 2 × 1/2 pt = 1 c.

How many cups are in a pint?

There are always two cups in one pint. In other words, one cup is half a pint.

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