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Gallons to Pints Converter

Created by Luciano Miño
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

The gallons to pints converter can help you convert gallons to pints from either measurement system, UK or US.

In a few paragraphs, we will answer frequently asked questions about the gallons to pints conversion, such as:

  • How many gallons are in a pint?
  • How many gallons are in 40 pints?
  • How do I convert pints to half-gallons? and
  • More.

How many gallons are in a pint?

Gallons (gals) and pints (pts) 9 are both volume units present in the US customary and imperial systems. In both systems, a gallon is equal to eight pints:

  • 1 US gal8 US pts or 6.67 UK pts; and
  • 1 UK gal8 UK pts or 9.6 US pts.

By knowing this, converting between gals to pints is just a multiplication/division away!

How do I convert gallons to pints?

To convert gallons to pints:

  1. Write down the number of gallons.
  2. Multiply this number by 8.
  3. The result is the number of pints equal to the volume of the gallons.
  4. Is that simple! Remember this works only if you're converting between gallons and pints from the same measurement system.


How many gallons are in 40 pints?

There are 5 gallons in 40 pints. To convert pints to gallons, simply divide the number of pints by 8. Alternatively, multiply the number of gallons by 8 to convert to pints.

How many gallons are in 50 pints?

There are 6.3 gallons in 50 pints. Since 8 pints are equal to 1 gallon, we can divide 50 by 8 to get the number of gallons. Therefore 50 / 8 = 6.3.

How do I convert pints to half-gallons?

To convert pints to half-gallons, normally convert to gallons, and then double the result. We need twice as many half-gallons to fill the same volume as a number of gallons. That's why we multiply by two.

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