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Quarts to Cups Converter

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What is a quart?How many quarts are out there?What's a cup?How to convert quarts into cups?How to use our quarts to cups converterOther imperial units convertersFAQs

Quarts and cups are commonly used measurement units for liquids: learn how to convert between them with our quarts to cups converter.

Here you will learn:

  • What is a US customary liquid quart;
  • What is a cup; and
  • How to convert from quarts to cups.

What is a quart?

While the world went its metric way, the United States retained a set of different measurement units, some of them useful, some of them not so much. Quarts are a measurement unit for volume, particularly useful when measuring liquids.

A quart equals a quarter of a gallon; thus, it corresponds to roughly one liter. We define the US customary liquid quart as:

1 qt=0.946352946 liters1\ \text{qt} = 0.946352946\ \text{liters}

How many quarts are out there?

There are many different types of quarts out there. Some depend on the provenience (imperial or US), some on historical reason. In our quarts to cups converter, we only consider the US customary liquid quart. However, it's not hard to approximate since every variation of the quart has a value somehow close to one liter.

What's a cup?

The cup is a fundamental measurement unit for liquids (and not only) in the imperial system of units. Whenever you are reading a recipe or drinking a coffee, you may meet this unit. But how much is exactly a cup?

A cup equals roughly 250 ml250\ \text{ml}, the size of a typical glass. But don't get us wrong here: cups (the ones in which you drink your coffee) come in all sizes, while there's a single US customary cup:

1 US customary cup=236.5882365 ml\footnotesize \!1\ \text{US customary cup} = 236.5882365\ \text{ml}

How to convert quarts into cups?

Quarts and cups are connected by a straightforward relationship: a quart contains exactly four cups. We can write this conversion as:

1 qt=4 cups1\ \text{qt} = 4\ \text{cups}

Quarts and cups are really handy measurement units: you will drink approximately a cup at a time, while it's likely that while cooking, you will deal with quarts!

How to use our quarts to cups converter

Our quarts to cups converter comes with just two variables, where you simply insert the value you want to convert, and we'll do the math. Additionally, you can click on "Equivalence in more units", where you'll see the equivalence of your quantity given in many other relevant units.

If you want to convert 1 quart to cups, type 11 in the first field: what's the result? You know!

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How many cups are in a quart?

A quart equals exactly 4 cups. You can find the same ratio in other conversions between imperial volume measurement units. For example, a quart equals, you can guess by the name, a quart of a gallon.

How to convert quarts into cups?

To convert quarts into cups, simply multiply the value in quarts by 4. Since a quart contains exactly 4 cups, this operation allows you to find the number of cups in any volume expressed in quarts:

  1. Take the volume in quarts.
  2. Divide it by 4.
  3. This is the number of cups.

For example, if you have 4 quarts, you can convert them into cups like this:

4 qt = 4 × 4 cups = 16 cups

The result is also the number of cups contained in a gallon.

How many cups are 2 quarts?

8 cups. To convert 2 quarts into cups, simply apply the conversion between quarts and cups:

1 qt = 4 cups

So that:

2 qt = 8 cups

8 cups also equal half a gallon or slightly less than 2 liters.

How many quarts are 5 cups?

1.25 quarts. Knowing that 1 quart equals 4 cups, in 5 cups, we have a full quart. The remaining cup equals a quarter of a quart, or 0.25. The same conversion in the other direction is:

1.25 qt = 5 cups

It suffices to multiply the number of quarts by 4.

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