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The gallons to cups converter will help you switch between both volume units with ease.

Although the conversion is straightforward, in this short text, we will cover:

  • How many cups to a half-gallon;
  • How many cups to a gallon;
  • How much is 3 gallons in cups; and
  • More about the gallons to cups conversion.

Gallons to cups conversion

Both gallons (US gals) and cups (c) are US customary volume units commonly used in our daily life. One US gallon is equivalent to sixteen cups:

  • 1 US gal ⇋ 16 c
  • 1 c ⇋ 1/16 US gal

That way, to convert gallons to cups, we should multiply the number of gallons by 16. And if we want to convert from cups to gallons, we should divide by 16 instead.

How many cups to a half-gallon?

8 cups (c) have the same volume as a half-gallon (US gal). Since one US gallon is equivalent to 16 cups, half a gallon would be half of that quantity, which is 8 cups.


How do you convert 2 gallons to cups?

To convert 2 gallons to cups (or any other quantity), just follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down the volume in gals. We'll use 2 US gallons.
  2. Multiply this number by 16.
  3. The result is the number of US gals expressed in cups. In this case, 2 US gals equal 32 cups.

How much is 3 gallons in cups?

48 cups. To convert US gallons to cups, we need to multiply the number of gals by 16, which is the conversion factor between gals and cups. In this case, 3 × 16 = 48 .

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