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The pints to gallons converter will automatically perform the pints to gallons conversion and help you switch between both volume units.

This tool can give you the result in both US and UK gallons or pints. In the following short paragraphs, we will answer questions you might have, such as:

  • How many pints are in a gallon?
  • How many half-pints are in a gallon? and
  • More about the pint to gallon conversion.

Pints to gallons conversion. How many pints to a gallon

Pints (pt) and gallons (gals) are units of volume, which we generally use to express the amount of liquid inside a container. Both units have different definitions in the US customary and imperial systems.

Let's look at the pints to gallons conversion. In both measurement systems (US and UK), one pint is equal to one-eighth of their respective gallon definition:

  • 1 US pint1/8 US gal or ∼0.104 UK gal; and
  • 1 UK pint1/8 UK gal or ∼0.150 US gal


  • 1 US gal8 US pints or ∼6.7 UK pints; and
  • 1 UK gal8 UK pints or ∼9.6 US pints

Therefore, to convert pints to gallons, we need to divide the number of pints by 8. It's that simple!

How many half-pints are in a gallon?

There are 16 half pints in a gallon. Since a gallon has 8 pints, we would need twice as many half-pints to fill a gallon.


How do you convert 4 pints to gallons?

To convert 4 pints (or any other number) to gallons, follow these steps:

  1. Write down the number of pints you wish to convert to gallons.
  2. Divide this number by eight.
  3. The result is the equivalent in gallons to the number of pints you have. In this case, 4 / 8 = 1/2. Therefore, four pints are equal to half a gallon (remember this only works to convert pints and gallons from the same measurement system, either imperial or US customary).

How many gallons are in 50 pints?

6.3 gals. To convert 50 pints to gals, we need to divide the number of pints by 8. This calculation works only if we're converting between units of the same measurement system (US pints to US gals, for example).

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