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Are you looking to convert gallons to quarts? Then you might find our gallons to quarts converter helpful.

Keep reading to learn what a gallon and a quart are and how to convert between these two volume units.

What is a gallon?

A gallon is a volume unit of measurement used in the Imperial and US customary systems. This unit of volume has changed throughout time, taking on different values before reaching the standards we use today.

During the 18th century in England, the gallon was a volume unit used for measuring wine and beer. The wine gallon was equivalent to the present US gallon, and the beer gallon was closer to the Imperial gallon.

The current US gallon and Imperial gallon values are:

1 US liquid gallon=3.8 Liters1 Imperial gallon=4.55 Liters\small \begin{aligned} 1 \ \text{US liquid gallon} &= 3.8\ \text{Liters} \\ 1 \ \text{Imperial gallon} &= 4.55\ \text{Liters} \end{aligned}

From here we can see that the US gallon is around one-fifth smaller than the Imperial gallon. The US liquid gallons are the ones used in the gallons to quarts converter.

What is a quart?

The quart is another volume unit that has been used throughout history. It was initially used to measure dry and liquid volumes during the medieval period, with values ranging from 0.95 to 1.16 liters, similar to their modern equivalents.

Three types of quarts are still used today:

  • The US liquid quart:
    1 US liquid quart = 0.95 Liters = 1/4 US gal

  • The US dry quart:
    1 US dry quart = 1.10 Liters = 0.29 US gal

  • The Imperial quart:
    1 Imperial quart = 1.14 Liters = 0.30 US gal

The gallons to quarts converter uses the US liquid quart.

How to convert gallons to quarts

Converting between US liquid gallons and US liquid quarts is pretty straightforward since their relationship is simple. Every gallon is equal to precisely four quarts:

1 US liquid gallon=4 US liquid quarts\small 1 \ \text{US liquid gallon} = 4 \ \text{US liquid quarts}


1 US gal=4 US qt\small 1\ \text{US gal} = 4 \ \text{US qt}

Knowing the direct relationship between gallons and quarts, all you need to do to convert from gallons to quarts is:

  1. Simply multiply your volume in gallons by 4;
  2. Change the unit name from gallons to quarts; and
  3. Done! 😉

How to use the gallons to quarts converter

With the gallons to quarts converter, you'll be able to quickly transform between these two units. All you have to do:

  1. In the first row, input the volume in gallons that you'd like to convert;
  2. In the field below, the calculator will display the equivalent volume in quarts; and
  3. That's it! Now you can go ahead and test some values.

🙋 Would you like to get your result in other units of volume? By clicking on the unit's drop-down menu, a list with alternative units will show.

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How do I convert 3 gallons to quarts?

To convert 3 gallons to quarts:

  1. To convert any volume of gallons to quarts, keep in mind that a gallon contains exactly 4 quarts, 1 US gal = 4 US qt.
  2. Knowing the conversion factor, all you have to do is multiply 3 gallons by 4 quarts:
    3 gal × (4 qt / gal) = 12 qt
  3. That's it!

Why is 1 gallon equal to 4 quarts?

The term quart derives from the Latin quartus, meaning one quart. Gallons of various sizes have historically been used. Nowadays, the US liquid gallon is divided into four quarts, or 1 US gal = 4 US qt.

Is 3 gallons equal to 12 quarts?

Yes. The reason why 3 gallons and 12 quarts represent the same volume is because one gallon can be divided into 4 quarts, 1 US gal = 4 US qt.

Is 1 gallon the same as 2 quarts?

No. One gallon is not the same as 2 quarts. Every US liquid gallon contains exactly four quarts. Thus 2 quarts is equal to a half gallon.

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