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Created by Anna Szczepanek, PhD
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Thanks to its huge database of density values for different substances, Omni's mg to teaspoon converter can become your best friend when it comes to performing the mass-to-volume conversion of milligrams to teaspoons! Don't forget that our mg to tsp calculator can compute in reverse as well, so tsp to mg conversion will now become a piece of cake as well!

But first things first. A milligram (mg), as we all know, is a unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a gram. But what is a teaspoon? Well, you won't find it in the standard SI table of units!

What is a teaspoon?

A teaspoon is a customary unit of volume that is quite popular in the US and throughout the world. One teaspoon is equal to 4.929 mL (often rounded to 5 mL), to 1/6 fluid ounce, or to 1/3 of a tablespoon. Teaspoons are often abbreviated as tsp, ts, or tspn.

Milligrams to teaspoon conversion

To perform the milligrams to teaspoon conversion, we use the good ol' density formula. For the mg to teaspoon conversion:

Volume [tsp] = Mass [mg] / Density [mg/tsp]

And for tsp to mg conversion, we rearrange the formula:

Mass [mg] = Density [mg/tsp] × Volume [tsp]

Here are some useful conversion factors for density:

  • 1 mg/tsp = 0.202884 kg/m³;
  • 1 mg/tsp = 0.003325 g/in³;
  • 1 mg/tsp = 0.000203 g/ml.

Alternatively, just use Omni's mg to teaspoon converter!

How to use this mg to teaspoon converter?

Omni's mg to tsp calculator is as user-friendly as an online tool can be! First, you need to pick the substance from the drop-down menu. Next, fill in one of the two fields in the bottom box: the mass in mg or the volume in tsp. Our converter will compute and fill in the other field automatically!

And note that you can adjust the units, so you're not limited to mg to teaspoon conversion!

Satisfied with this mg to teaspoon converter? We built a whole collection of tools to solve all the volume-to-mass conversion problems you may face:


How do I convert mg to tsp?

To convert mg to teaspoons:

  1. Determine the density of your substance.
  2. Express this density in mg/tsp.
  3. Divide the mass in mg by the density from Step 2.
  4. That's it! The result is the volume in teaspoons.

How many mg in 1 tsp of salt?

6085 mg. To derive this result, you must know the density of salt: it's about 1.217 g/mL, that is 1217 mg/mL. Since one teaspoon is 5 milliliters, it now suffices to multiply 1217 [mg/mL] × 5 [mL], to get the final answer of 6085 mg.

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