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Do you need to perform mcg to mL conversions and obtain a medication or supplement dosage? We know it can be confusing, especially if you're unfamiliar with conversion factors. But fear not! Our mcg to mL converter can quickly and accurately convert between these units!

Whether you're a healthcare professional or just someone who wants to ensure they're taking the right amount of medication, our ug to ml converter is perfect for this task!

🙋 You can also use this tool to perform ug to ml conversions, as "ug" or "µg" is just another way to express micrograms.

How to use this mcg to mL conversion


To perform mcg to mL conversion for medications, follow this procedure:

  1. Select the medication you're dealing with.
  2. If the medication is not in the list, select "Other" and input the concentration by yourself:
    • The concentration typically appears on the drug label or packaging as a number accompanied by "mcg/mL" or "mg/mL" (e.g., 200 mg/mL, 1000 mcg/mL, or 2000 ug / mL).
    • It can also appear expressed in more complex ways, such as 10000 mcg/10 mL or 12.5 mg/5 mL. In that case, input the upper number divided by the lower number and the corresponding unit. For example:
      • For 10,000 mcg/10 mL, input 10000/10 and the µg/mL unit; or
      • For 12.5 mg/5 mL, input 12/5 and the mg/mL unit; or
  3. Once you've input the substance or concentration, input the number of micrograms you need, and the tool will immediately determine how many mL that requires.

🙋 You can do the opposite and input the number of mL to know how many mcg are there.

For water, milk, oil, or other substances

In this case, performing the mcg-to-ml conversion is similar to for medications:

  1. Select the substance you're dealing with.
    • If it is not in the list, select "Other" and input its density.
  2. Once you've input the substance or density, input the number of micrograms you need, and the tool will immediately determine its equivalent in mL.

Converting from mcg to mL by hand


To convert from mcg to mL of medication by hand, divide the micrograms of substance by the concentration in mcg/mL:

mL=Micrograms (mcg) of substanceConcentration (in mcg/mL)\scriptsize \mathrm{mL = \frac{Micrograms\ (mcg)\ of\ substance}{Concentration\ (in\ mcg/mL)}}

If the concentration is in mg/mL, convert it into mcg/mL by multiplying it by 1000:

Concentration(in mcg/mL)=1000×Concentration(in mg/mL)\scriptsize \begin{gather*}\rm Concentration\\[-5px]\rm (in\ mcg/mL) \end{gather*} = 1000 \times \begin{gather*}\rm Concentration\\[-5px]\rm (in\ mg/mL) \end{gather*}

Other substances

For substances different from medications, the formula is almost the same, but we use density instead of concentration:

mL=Micrograms (mcg) of substanceDensity (in mcg/mL)\scriptsize \mathrm{mL = \frac{Micrograms\ (mcg)\ of\ substance}{Density\ (in\ mcg/mL)}}

Other similar tools

Now that you know how many mcg an ml amount of substance contains, might we suggest taking a look at these other volume and mass conversion tools:


How do I know how many mcg is in an mL?

To know how many mcg is in an mL, we must first look at the concentration:

  • If the concentration is in mcg/mL, that number will be the number of micrograms in one mL. For example:
    • B12 vitamin 1000 mcg/mL contains 1000 micrograms in an mL.
  • If the concentration is expressed for more than one mL, divide the upper by the lower number, and that'll be the number of micrograms in one mL.
    • For example, for fentanyl 100 mcg/2 mL, it'll be 50 (100/2) micrograms per mL.

How many mcg does 1 mL of B12 vitamin contain?

There are 1000 mcg in one mL of vitamin B12, assuming the concentration is 1000 mcg/mL or 10,000 mcg/10 mL. If the concentration is 2000 mcg/mL, it'll be 2000 mcg.

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