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If you're feeling confused with all those weight measurements, our online pound to lbs converter is here to help. Reading on, you will find the answers that you need, as well as solutions to widespread problems, such as:

  • How to convert 1 pound to lbs? or
  • Why are pounds abbreviated to lbs?

How to convert 1 pound to lbs?

Converting from pounds to lbs is very easy. It is essentially the same unit, just with different names. So to make a conversion, all you need to do is change the unit's name.

For example:
1 pound = 1 lb
2 pounds = 2 lbs
5 pounds = 5 lbs

You will find more examples in our conversion chart.

💡 Do you know why the pound is abbreviated to lb? The unit 'lb' comes from ancient Roman, where people used a weight measure called libra (literally meaning scale). Through the years, it evolved into the British pound and then - just a regular pound.

How to use pounds to lbs converter

Online pounds to lbs converter is ready to use and works in real-time. Filling in the first row with pounds, you see the number converted in the second row straight away. You can even do the other way around - typing the number of lbs, you will get the result in lbs.

Pounds to lbs conversion chart

Here you will find some of the most asked pounds to lbs conversions.


















How do I convert 12 pounds to lbs?

To convert 12 pounds to lbs:

  1. Don't change anything in the number,
  2. Change the unit's name to lbs.

12 pounds = 12 lbs

You don't need to do any complicated math. Just bear in mind that pound is very often abbreviated to lb.

How do I convert 5 pounds to lbs?

To convert 5 pounds to lbs, you need to change the unit's name - from pounds to lbs.

5 pounds = 5 lbs

Lbs are equal to pounds, so the number stays the same.

Aleksandra Zając, MD
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