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Use our stone to lbs converter if you want to convert mass in stones to lbs. You can also use our calculator to convert mass in lbs to stones.

Please read on to know more about: the stone unit of weight and its relationship to lbs, how to convert stone to lbs, and finding all the calculators related to weight conversions.

What is a stone unit of weight?

A stone unit of weight or stone (st) is the unit used to measure the mass of an object. A stone is equal to 14 pounds (lbs). The British imperial system established this unit of measure. As you can guess intuitively, the word "stone" is derived from the fact that stones or rocks were commonly used to measure the mass of objects in the past.

How to convert stones to lbs or lbs to stones?

To convert stone to lbs or lbs to stones, you can follow the instructions below:

  • To convert stones to lbs:
    You can get the mass in pounds by multiplying the mass in stones by 14.
  • Convert lbs to stones:
    You can get the mass in stones by dividing the mass in pounds by 14.
  • Cool! Now you know how to convert between stone to lbs and lbs to stones.

Conversion chart

You will find in the table below mass conversions from stones to pounds:

Mass in stone(s)

Mass in lb(s)













Did you not find the conversion you are looking for? Don't worry, you can use our Stone to lbs converter to do the conversion quickly.

Every weight conversion that you think of!

In this section, you will find all the calculators that assist you in converting the value in any unit to your desired unit of weight. If you are ever in need of weight conversion, please check them out:


How much is 150 lbs in stones?

150 lbs is equal to 10.714 stones. You can do this conversion by dividing 150 lbs by 14, which gives you 10.714 stones.

How much is 18 stones in lbs?

18 stones is equal to 252 lbs. You can do this conversion by multiplying the 18 stones by 14, which gives us 252 lbs.

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Mass in stone(s)
Mass in pound(s)
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